We have lost another angel

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9.2.2021 by Molly Merrow

Beautiful Anana, 20 years old, was killed today by her mate Nuka in the Detroit Zoo. Anana had been in Detroit for the past year, but had been denned up for the past few months. She and Nuka were reunited a week ago. Something went wrong, terribly wrong, on Monday, February 8, and he killed her.

Anana curious

Anana lived in the Cincinnati Zoo just before she moved to Detroit, so I went to see her quite often. She would primp and pose for the camera. She liked to play with balls, pumpkins, rollers, whatever the keepers would give her. She was a silly girl, and everybody’s favorite. She was a tiny thing, around 200 Kg, as round as the balls she loved to play with. And she was sassy.

Anana fish

Anana orange 1

When Anana first arrived in Cincinnati, she rebuffed the overtures of our male bear, Little One. It took a long time for her to warm up to him, but then, like a light switch flipped, she and Little One were in love. After a year of giving Little One the cold shoulder, it was time for romance. They cuddled. They swam together. They shared their treats. Little One had been slowing down before the arrival of Anana, but now he was playful, running here and there to please her.

anana orange mine

After two seasons of breeding and no cubs, it was decided that Little One was getting too old, and another breeding season would be hard on him, so Anana was moved to Detroit, where there were two bears, one of which was a proven fertile male. Maybe she would finally have another cub. Anana had given birth to Luna in Buffalo back in 2013, but that was her only cub, and the keepers had to raise the baby because Anana was not interesting in being a mother.

Mr and Mrs. Anana

Anana carrot 6

The other female polar bear in Detroit, Suka, had given birth to twins in November. Anana was not pregnant, so last week, Anana was again roaming around the Arctic Ring of Life in Detroit with Nuka, and everything seemed fine. Until it wasn’t.

We may never know what went wrong. All we can do now is remember Anana for all the joy she brought us, think about the happy days we shared. Rest in peace, precious angel.

anana tongue

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  1. Dear Molly,

    It was with a heavy heart I published this beautiful article of Anana. Thank you so much for the tribute to a sweet polar bear lady.

    Unfortunately this kind of things happen – luckily not often though. The keepers never know why it happens ….. However, it doesn’t make our sorrow easier to bear.

    Anana was such a lovely polar bear and she will be deeply missed.

    Last week we were happy about the birth of the twins but today we’re mourning ….. Happiness and sadness walk hand in hand.

    I can understand you’re very sad and devastated after loosing one of ‘your’ polar bears. I send you soft virtual hugs.


  2. Das ist ein sehr würdiger Nachruf und Erinnerung an die gute Anana,um die es mir ganz sehr leid tut!
    Adieu,liebe Bärin.

    Traurige Grüße von Brigitte

  3. Dear Molly

    This is very sad news!!

    Anana was a cute bear. She had a beautiful face.

    It is always hard to lose a beloved animal – even a zoo animal.

    It’s terrible how Anana came to her death, but unfortunately this happens in nature.
    Polar bears are dangerous animals and just because they live in a zoo doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen anymore.

    Rest in peace, dear Anana!

    A virtual hug for you dear Molly!


  4. Dear Molly!
    What terrible and sad news!
    I can well imagine the sadness and despair of all those who loved Anana and wanted only the best for her. My deepest sympathy goes out to them.
    Perhaps and hopefully it will be found out what went wrong in order to avoid such tragic incidents in the future.
    The only consolation is that this beautiful bear was loved and is now out of pain.

    Molly, you created a beautiful obituary for her. Thank you!

    Rest in peace Anana.


  5. So sah…. rest in Pence steht Anana

  6. Dear Molly,
    it is very sad. R.I.P dear Anana

  7. Liebe Molly!

    Das ist eine ganz traurige Nachricht, Ihr alle habt mein Mitgefühl. Deine Abschiedsseite ist wunderschön, eine wunderbare Erinnerung an diese süße Bärin.

    Liebe Grüße, Erika

  8. So sad. May Anana rest in peace. We will never forget her. We will always love her. We love you Anana.
    I am really sad.

  9. Dear Molly and Mervi
    Thank you for remembering Anana with us. The photos
    show what a beautiful bear she was.
    Keepers know that there is nothing they can do to protect a bear against such an attack. Lloyd in Bremerhaven with an elderly bear from Leipzig is the only other case I recall.

  10. Liebe Molly,
    liebe Mervi,

    das ist ein trauriges Ereignis und ein schwerer Verlust für den Zoo eine Bärin unter solch tragischen Umständen zu verlieren. Auch unter Tieren gibt es Missverständnisse, die schnell zu einer tödlichen Attacke werden können. In einem begrenzten Gehege ist dann leider auch die Flucht für das schwächere Tier nicht möglich….

    Danke Molly, für deine Gedenkseite an diese schöne Bärin Anana – die allen, die sie kannten und liebten, unvergesslich bleibt.

    Traurige Grüße

  11. Dear Mervi! Dear Molly!

    This are very sad news.
    RIP, dear Anana.

  12. Dear Mervi and dear Molly !

    So sad news.

    Thanks a lot for the memories here.

    ‘Best wishes

  13. dear Mervi, dear Molly,
    I am so sorry to read this news, what a tragedy,
    thank you for the touching remembering and for the pictures of the lovely Anana, I will often think of her
    schlaf gut liebe Anana
    dear greetings