Welcome to Ranua, Nord!

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24.2.2021 – Photos by Marko Junttila, Ranua Wildlife Park

The female polar bear Venus has been the only polar bear in the Ranua Wildlife Park since her son Sisu moved to Doncaster. Soon she will have a male companion because the 15 years old male Nord came to Ranua on the 22nd of February.

Today Nord came out for the first time. Of course, Venus could smell the scent of the newcomer. She seems to be a little puzzled ….


Are they playing hide-and-seek? 🙂 Well, for the time being they’re staying in separate enclosures.


Being a Moscow guy Nord knows how wonderful the snow is.


Within a few minutes his fur was turning whiter and whiter. 🙂



Nord started his journey to Finland on the 19th of February from the Skandinaviske Dyrepark in Denmark. He travelled by car and by ferry and the long trip went very well.

Nord was born in Moscow and came first to Copenhagen and then via Aalborg to the Skandinaviske Dyrepark. He’s been busy ‘producing’ cubs – two in Copenhagen and two in Aalborg!!


The first days Nord will spend exploring his enclosure and getting to know his keepers. He’s free to be out or inside in the den – whatever he finds good for his well being.



No doubt Nord is quite satisfied with his new home!


There are toys for him but it looks like the best ‘toy’ is the snow.



There’s so much snow that a giant polar bear can dig a nice ‘bed room’ for a little nap.


How cool is this!!! 🙂


… and this!!! 🙂


It’s easy to see Nord loves his surroundings.


The first meeting between Venus and Nord is planned to take place later in the Spring. Until the time is right for the meeting they will stay in separate enclosures.

Maybe our white giant is already making plans for how to charm Venus ….


Do you think she will fall in love with me?


Oh yes, Nord! I’m sure Venus will find you very attractive!


I think the last two photos show a perfectly happy polar bear.



The Ranua Wildlife Park is open every day! You’re very welcome to visit us!


On behalf of the readers of this magazine I wish Nord and Venus all the best and hope they will be happy together.

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  1. Dear Marko and Mervi!
    Nord is enjoying the snow. I hope Venus and Nord will be happy together.

  2. Dear Marko and Mervi
    Thank you for this beautiful photostory about
    Nord arriving in Ranua.
    I was lucky enough to spend several days with Nord
    when he was in Aalborg.
    I wish him and Venus all the best.

  3. Lieber Marco,
    liebe Mervi,

    ich denke, Nord hat das große Los gezogen in Ranua, wo er mit viel Schnee verwöhnt wird.
    Eine Kostprobe seiner Freude über die Schneemassen zeigen die schönen Fotos.

    Ich wünsche dem neuen Paar ein harmonisches Zusammenleben und Venus wird froh sein,
    nach SISUS Abschied wieder in netter Gesellschaft zu sein.

    Herzlich Grüße

  4. Nord seems to think that snow is the very best toy too. How delightful to see him enjoy his new home. Wonderful photos, and a very nice story too. Thank you for bringing us along on Nord’s journey.


  5. Dear Mervi and Marko!
    Great news!
    It looks to me like Nord has benefited from his move. Winter in Ranua lasts much longer than in Denmark, and snow often lasts well into April. And soon he will also meet the beautiful Venus…
    The pictures show it clearly: this is what a happy polar bear looks like!
    Thanks for showing them!


  6. Ein glücklicher Eis-Bär! Wie schön!
    Good Luck!

    Das Plakat des “RANUA WILDLIFE PARKs” ist sehr gelungen:
    à la ‘Eisbären können viel süße Last auf ihren Schultern tragen!” (!?) 🙂

  7. Thank you very much dear Mervi and Marko.
    Best wishes to Venus and Nord.

  8. Einem Eisbären kann kaum etwas besseres passieren als nach Ranua zu kommen und wenn dort so eine schöne Lady wartet passt alles.
    Lieber Nord, viel Spaß in deinem neuen Zuhause und viel Glück bei Venus.

    Liebe Grüße, Erika

  9. dear Mervi and dear Marko,
    thank you for the wonderful pictures from Ranua, we can see, Nord is happy with the snow
    I hope so much that Venus and Nord will like each other and can have a good time together, good wishes to the bears
    dear greetings

  10. Wunderbare Fotos.
    Ich wünsche Nord, dass er zufrieden ist in seinem neuen Zuhause und sich gut mit Venus versteht.

    Ich konnte Nord als wilden Kämpfer erleben. Er ist Testosteron auf 4 Tatzen.

    Nord ist auf dem Foto zu sehen.


    Zwei seiner Kinder.


  11. Dear bearjs 112,

    Thank you for the links! I hope Nord will be a gentlebear in Ranua. 🙂

  12. Nord’s Kind Inuvik – Zoo Kopenhagen