The baby bear’s adventures with mama Ewa in Orsa

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18.3.2021 – Source: Pernilla Thalin, Photos and video by Orsa Predator Center

Now our polar bear baby has reached the age of 3,5 months and it has started to take longer excursions in the enclosure with mama Ewa.


What a cheeky little rascal 🙂


The cub has gained lots of weight and has even began to ‘quality control’ the food that the adult polar bears get.


The baby bear has now enough power to manage the deep snow banks and it’s been moving even in the big enclosure (two hectares – one hectare contains about 2.47 acres ) and not nonly in the smaller enclosures near the den.


The Spring seems to be coming fast to Orsa and the snow is melting rapidly which makes it easier for the cubbie to move around.


During the weekend many visitors were delighted to see the baby bear for the first time in the big enclosure. The polar bear fans have been waiting for such a long time for a cub in Orsa and now their dream has come true!


Some facts

The polar bears in the Orsa Predator Center are a part of the very important conservative project by EAZA. Keeping polar bears we have an unique possibility to educate, inform and hopefully inspire people to learn more about these wonderful animals and how to protect this threatened species.

Our park has kept polar bears since 2009 when Ewa from the Ouwehands Zoo, Netherlands, and WilbÀr from the Wilhelma Zoo in Stuttgart, Germany, came to us. Another female, Hope, came in 2018 from the Marineland Antibes in France.

Within the polar bear EEP there are 153 polar bears in 59 zoos in Europe. Totally there are 282 polar bears in the zoos world wide. 24 cubs were born in 2019 within the polar bear EEP – only 13 of them survived.

Winter fun with mama

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  1. Dear Mervi!
    What a joy that Ewa has become a mummy bear after all!
    And it is plain to see that she is doing a great job.
    Her little one is a charming rascal and simply adorable!


  2. Dear Mervi
    Eva and her little one in the snow in the most Polar Bear environment one can imagine.
    Thank you for the lovely report from the Orsa Predator Centre.
    In these troubled times the Polar Bears are so vital to
    keep us looking forward into the future.
    Ewa could have no better place to rear her cub

  3. Sooooooo beautiful and lovely and touching.

    I am completely overwhelmed by the charmes of this unbelievably cute cub-mother-couple
    (the cub – female or male consequently without a name so far – being the offspring of mama EWA and papa WILBÄR = our ‘WILHELMA’-SchwĂ€bisch-Swedish’ beloved polarbear who travelled all the way from Stuttgart to Orsa in order to make the dream real – which got reality in effect after some years, NOW!).

    The photographs are magnificant. One feels like beeing in the wilderness and like breathing the fresh air
    simply from watching.

    The 4th pic from above reminds me a lot of the protagonists (mother with her originally three cubs) in the most beautiful film commented by ‘The WIND’ I was as lucky as having had the chance to see it in the ‘ZOO PALAST’ in Berlin – still at KNUT&TD-times.

    The video is an extra-treat.

    Is MARKO JUNTTILA still the official photographer at the ‘ORSA PREDATOR CENTER / ORSA ROVDJURSPARK’ ? . . . Fantastic work!

    Thanks to anybody involved!

    – – –

    “KNUT und seine Freunde” – Es ist fĂŒr mich völlig unverstĂ€ndlich, warum der Film offenbar keinen Erfolg hatte, ja, sogar als ‘Flop’ bezeichnet wurde. Ich fand ihn wunderschön, inklusive der kommentierenden WIND-Stimme: Wer sich mit mir erinnern mag, kann hier seine Erinnerung etwas auffrischen:


  4. Liebe Mervi,

    herade gestern sah ich einen wunderbaren Film mit dem Titel “Die Reise der EisbĂ€ren”, wovon nĂ€chsten Mittwoch der 2. Teile in SERVUS TV kommt.

    Wenn man den Kleinen mit seiner Mutter in dieser wundervollen Schneelandschaft sieht, glaubt man, die beiden sind in der Wildnis und nicht in einem Zoo. Die Fotos und das Video sind herzerwĂ€rmend und erinnern auch an Ausschnitte aus dem Film “Knut und seine Freunde”. Vielen Dank Duma fĂŒr den Link!

    Liebe GrĂŒĂŸe

  5. Dear Dumba,

    Marko Junttila takes photos in Ranua in Finland. 🙂

  6. Dear Mervi!
    Thank you for the wonderful pictures from Orsa. A baby looks very small next to Ewa. They both enjoy the snow.

  7. M E R V I
    Re: “mervi March 18th, 2021 4:06 pm”

    Oh I am sorry. Thanks for the correction.

    I obviously mixed up Marko JUNTTILA (RANUA WILDLIFE PARK, FINLAND)

    Er hat sogar ein Buch herausgegeben, wovon ich einige gekauft habe und mich dunkel
    – wie auch noch in anderen FĂ€llen mit Orsa – an irgendein unerfreuliches Durcheinander erinnern kann . . . (!?).


    Hopefully none of the both will blame me for the mix-up . . .

    So, now I dear to pose the right question 🙂 :
    Is Börn BÖRKLUND still the official photographer in the

  8. OMG:

    I am sorry:
    ANDERS (not Björn) BÖRKLUND, of course!

  9. Aller ‘guten'(?) Dinge sind 3 ;-)))

    So könnt Ihr Euch zumindest von einem von beiden ein optisches Bild machen:

    Third from the right hand side seems to be Anders BÖRKLUND (!?):

  10. Dear Dumba,

    Anders has been working with photo books during the last few years so I don’t know if he occasionally visits Orsa. I hope there will be another ‘hovfotograf’ so we will be able to follow the life of the cute ice prince/princess.

    I’ve never met him personally so I don’t know how he looks. 🙂

  11. Mervi – Here’s the subtitle of the pic – and as there is only one woman (Dr. LYNNE NELSON = female I guess)
    I thought my guess might be right that he is the third person from the right hand side . . . Smart, hu!?

    NÄgra av deltagarna pÄ djurparkskonferensen, Tom Arnbom, wwf, Kenneth Ekvall, björnparkens zoolog, Torbjörn Wallin, vd Orsa Grönklitt, Anders Björklund, vd Rovdjurscentrum, dr Lynne Nelson och dr Larry van Daelse. Foto: Jan Norberg

  12. Dear Mervi

    I am melting away!!!!!!!!!!


  13. Liebe Mervi,
    ich freue mich fĂŒr Orsa und die Entscheidung eine 2.BĂ€rin aufzunehmen war goldrichtig.
    Konkurenz belebt das GeschÀft und so hat das auch mit der Zucht funktioniert.
    Ich hoffe sehr dass wir öfters hier Bilder und Videos vom Jungtier und den EisbÀren sehen können.
    Vielen Dank fĂŒr die schönen Bilder
    Liebe GrĂŒĂŸe Moni K

  14. Thank you very much dear Mervi.
    Best wishes to Ewa, WilbÀr and their baby.

  15. Lange haben wir auf diese
    Bilder warten mĂŒssen. 😀
    Was fĂŒr ein sĂŒĂŸes Kind !