Birth Announcement from the Alaska Zoo

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23.4.2021 – Source: Press release from the Alaska Zoo, Photos by John Gomes

One of Anchorage’s most popular family venues is proud to announce the arrival of two baby wolverine kits to proud wolverine parents Olga and Jumbo.



Animal care staff anticipated a possible birth and prepared the habitat area in advance with multiple den boxes, stick and log pilesand plenty ofbedding. The kits are estimated to have been born February 10th. Zoo wolverine Olga is rearing the kits and doing a great jobkeeping them healthy and well cared for.



Olga first arrived at the Alaska Zoo in 2015 as a 1-year-old wolverine from the Novosibirsk Zoo in Russia. She was later joined by Jumbo, a male who arrived as a 3-year-old in 2016 from Järvzooin Sweden. This is the first time Olga and Jumbo have paired to produce a litter of kits.



“As every parent knows, raising kids is enriching and very challenging. Our wolverine care teamprepared a very appropriate enclosure giving Olga cues and low stress levels to allow for implantation of embryos, eventual birth and rearing of the kits. What a fabulous partnership between humans and animals.




I am so very proud of the wolverines and team” says Curator Shannon Jensen. Zoo officials ask the visiting public to observe quietly from the trails in an effort to keep Olga and the new kits calm and comfortable, as she rears the kits. Baby wolverines, otherwise called kits or cubs, are born covered in light colored fur. They nurse from their mother for their first 10 weeks, capable of moving around with her by late May. They grow quickly, reaching adult size by late fall.



**Please note** There is a very low chance that press or visitors will be able to view one of the new Kits. Additionally, we are not allowing anyone to cross the split rail fencing in order to obtain photos to maintain a calm environment for Olga and the kits.

About the Alaska Zoo

The Alaska Zoo is a nonprofit organization that has provided a home for orphaned, injured and captive-born animals for 51 years. Open year-round, the zoo is dedicated to promoting conservation of Arctic and sub-Arctic species through education, research,and community enrichment.Additional information on admission rates, annual memberships, history, animals and more isavailable at

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  1. Dear Mervi and John!
    Oh, my heart is melting.
    What cute little predators! Congratulations to the Alaska Zoo!
    After being sad for a while about the death of Special Agent 007 1/2 in Ranua, I am happy about the birth of possible successors in the Alaska Zoo! Little heartbreakers they are already…
    Now I hope that the licence to do whatever they want will be passed on to them!


  2. Dear John and Mervi!
    Thank you for the news from the zoo Alaska.
    The young wolverine are very cute.

  3. Was für hübsche Kinder ! 😀
    Ich mag die Vielfrasse sowieso.
    Gratulation an den Alaska Zoo !

  4. Die sind ja süß! Alles Gute für die Kits und die stolzen Eltern und Glückwünsche an den Zoo, der sich so gut um seine Tiere kümmert.

    Liebe Grüße, Erika

  5. Ein putziges Geschwisterpaar auf das der Zoo zurecht stolz ist!

  6. Dear John and Mervi
    Thank you for sharing these photos and the story of the two Wolverine Kits.
    The partnership between keepers and Wolverines seems to be working very well

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