Russia – Nice names for the twin cubs

Apr 1st, 2021 | By | Category: Zoos in Russia

1.4.2021 – Source: Safari-Park Gelendzhik

The polar bear twin cubs of Safari-Park Gelendzhik, Russia, now have names! There has been a voting and, of course, lots of names were suggested.


Now the park has announced the result: The female cub is “Arctica-Aurora” and the male cub is “Yermak”.

I don’t know which one is the girl and which one is the boy but they certainly are sweeter than candy!


The twins are curious about their surroundings and everything arouses great interest.


The velvet eyes and the licorice nose – what could be more adorable?


Soon the snow will melt away so I guess the twins’ furs will also get a little darker shade of white …. ­čÖé


Knuti’s Weekly wishes the sweeties a pleasant Spring time. Stay happy and healthy, little bears!

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  1. Dear Mervi!
    The cubs are very sweet. The keepers do a wonderful job.
    The name Arctica-Aurora find I too long. Yermak is better.
    I wish the cubs all the best.

  2. Dear Mervi
    What beautiful photos of the two cubs. I am assuming that Yermak is the boy and Arktica Aurora is the girl.
    I wonder what the keepers rearing them will call them.
    Knut was famously called Maeuschen. Flocke Stinkbombli when she was much smaller than these two.

  3. Ein herzallerliebstes Zwillingspaar!

  4. Die zwei schauen aus wie Pl├╝schtiere, so s├╝ss.

    Liebe Gr├╝├če, Erika

  5. Dear Mervi!
    The two little bears are sweet as sugar and still so small that I think they have to grow into their names…. ­čśë
    How good that there are two of them and that they can play and romp together!
    Thank you for these lovely pics!


  6. Dear Mervi,

    Thank you for sharing these sweet babies.

    Love, Christine

  7. Liebe Mervi,

    niedlich wie alle Eisb├Ąrchen!

    Danke f├╝rs Zeigen und liebe Gr├╝├če
    Moni K

  8. Thank you very much dear Mervi.
    Best wishes to Arctica-Aurora and Yermak.

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