A quiet Wednesday afternoon in Marineland

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24.5.2021 by Ralph Morton

After lunch the bright sunshine was getting really warm so I went back to see how Flocke and her three cubs were coping.


In this photograph taken from the upper deck of the Polar Bear enclosure you can see the viewing stand for the Orca and Dolphin pool in the background. Immediately below is the smaller enclosure where Flocke had been spending Wednesday. Flocke and her cubs were safely in the shade.


While Flocke seemed to be watching for the keeper, her cubs were relaxing.


I stopped for a cold drink and when I got down to the lower enclosure, Flocke was leading the cubs past the fence.


This was the last time I would get such a chance to Flocke leading her three cubs as they were soon to move back to the upper enclosures. There, Flocke liked to just leave Indy, Yuma and Tala to play in the water.


I was able to take a few shots of the cubs as they played in the sun. Although I had missed seeing them as cute little white furballs I was pleased to get to see them when they were old enough to be playing a lot.


Flocke found the shady place again and the cubs joined her.



Flocke had realised that the move to the upper enclosures was coming. She moved the cubs to the grass near the exit.



The cubs were also getting interested. Flocke sat back and waited.


As the afternoon wore on, Flocke and the cubs moved to the grill between the enclosures.


Flocke in the sunshine. This was the last time I was able to see her. On the final day,Thursday, she spent most of the time relaxing in the doorway of her den.



Finally, the keeper arrived and the whole family were at the grill. One of the bears stood up.



Unfortunately I did not get to see the transfer between the enclosures as this happened after the end of the day. Next time we get back to the underwater viewing areas.



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  1. Dear Ralph,

    Even this report shows us what a cool mother Flocke is! Thank you so much for sharing your impressions with us!

    Hugs from Mervi

  2. Dear Ralph!
    Thank you for the wonderful memories on Flocke and her kids.

  3. Dear Ralph!
    It’s sad that the spectacular rearing of polar bear triplets by a hand-raised bear largely occurred during Covid 19 and Lockdown. Fortunately, you saw how wonderfully Flocke managed this and how relaxed she was.
    Thanx for sharing your impressions with us!


  4. I missed seeing Flocke with her triplets, sadly, but it is nice to see what was going on, and the place is so familiar to me, I can imagine being right there at the grill. Flocke has taken to motherhood so well. Her four parents in Nuremberg can be very proud of their daughter.

    What a wonderful time you had there with Flocke and the kids.


  5. Ralph, mir gefällt das Foto mit den Bären im Schatten besonders gut.
    Welch ein Glück, dass du im vergangenen Jahr diese Reise gemacht hast.
    Wer weiß, wann dies wieder möglich sein wird.

  6. You were lucky,
    to have this voyage
    last here 😀 who knows
    when it will be possible again.

  7. es sollte natürlich “last year” heißen 😉

  8. Dear Ralph

    Even if your pictures are not the best, I always enjoy reading your text.
    They are descriptive, clear and informative.

    Thank you!!