Anchorage, Alaska- Orphaned black bear cubs

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30.5.2021 – Source: Press release from the Alaska Zoo, Photos by John Gomes

One of Anchorage’s most popular family venues has its first orphan of the season.An orphaned male black bear cub arrived at the Alaska Zoo on Saturday May 8th from Kotzebue, in the care of Alaska Fish and Game. He is doing well overall but is small for his age.


He is being kept inside the zoo’s infirmary building but visitors can see him through the infirmary windows on the north side of the building. He will have access to the outdoor infirmary yard very soon.



He is being fed 5 times each day with 10am and 2pm feedings happening inside the infirmary during open zoo hours. These feedings can be seen through the visitor viewing windows and will soon take place in the outdoor area once he has access to it.




He arrived at the zoo with the Iñupiat name Taglu which means “snowshoe”. Once he is determined to be healthy and has a clean bill of health from Alaska Zoo veterinarians, he will be transported to his forever home at the Oschner Park Zoo in Baraboo, Wisconsin. There he will share a habitat with one-year-oldblack bear cub named Miska, who was orphaned and cared for by Alaska Zoo staff last summer.



Their habitat is also shared by two-year-old Arctic Fox, Appolo. Taglu’s departure and travel dates have yet to be determined.

A second orphaned male black bear cub recently arrived at the Alaska Zoo from Prince William Sound, in the care of Alaska Fish and Game. Wildlife Troopers in Southcentral Alaska were alerted that a sightseeing boat had spotted a black bear cub in Prince William Sound struggling to swim and was separated from its mom.



The cub was rescued and transported to the Alaska Department of Fish and Game office in Anchorage. A veterinarian and wildlife biologist assessed the cub and brought him to the Alaska Zoo for further care and assessments by zoo veterinary staff.


He had a rough time adjusting initially, but the zoo’s animal care team was able to stabilize him and introduce him to the other orphaned black bear cub of the season, Taglu.




After being at the zoo for just over a week and having time to acclimate, he can now be seen by visitors with Taglu in the yard of the infirmary building. Feedings are 5 times a day with 10am and 2pm feedings during open zoo hours. Times are subject to change as the cubs’ dietary needs change.


“One of our primary roles in the state of Alaska is to care for orphaned wild animals. We have dedicated facilities to care for them until they are ready to travel to their new homes or until they are placed within our zoo as space allows. We take great pride in caring for these animals in need, however the costs of staff time and feeding resources puts a strain on the zoo’s financial resources. The public can support these efforts directly by visiting the zoo, becoming members and purchasing tickets to our annual fundraiser Walk on the Wild Side which is quickly approaching in June,” ” says Executive Director, Pat Lampi.

About the Alaska Zoo

The Alaska Zoo is a nonprofit organization that has provided a home for orphaned, injured and captive-born animals for 51 years. Open year-round, the zoo is dedicated to promoting conservation of Arctic and sub-Arctic species through education, research, and community enrichment. Additional information on admission rates, annual memberships, history, animals and the zoo’s annual fundraiser is available here.

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  1. Dear John and Mervi
    Thank you for sharing the story of Taglu.
    The Alaska Zoo is a wonderful place and does
    some great work.

  2. Viel Glück für das kleine Bärchen!
    Der Blick von Braunbärenbabies ist hinreißend schön.

  3. Viel Glück für die Kinder !
    Die Kleinen sind wirklich
    zu süß… 🙂

  4. Dear Mervi and John!
    The two bear cubs were lucky to be rescued and are now being cared for by experienced wildlife specialists. I am sorry that they were separated from their mothers, for whatever reason, and will no longer live a free life. But it’s great that there is a place that cares for orphaned cubs.
    The mini bears are adorable, everyone who sees them must fall in love with them on the spot. I wish them a beautiful and long life, even under these changed conditions.
    Thank you for these heart warming report and the lovely pics!


  5. Dear Mervi and John!
    Thank you for the news from the zoo Alaska. A black bear cub is very cute. It is great that he was rescued.

  6. Dear Mervi and John

    I think it is good that the poor orphans are now well and lovingly cared for.
    The little ones look adorable.
    The bears are fighters, otherwise they won’t end up here. I wish them a good life!!!


  7. Der Kleine ist süß. Super dass es diesen Zoo gibt der sich um die armen Waisenkinder kümmert. Die Pfleger machen einen tollen Job.

    Liebe Grüße, Erika

  8. dear Mervi,
    thank you for this news, I am glad the sweet young bear is now in the Alaska Zoo, with such conditions , good food and dear keepers he can grow up without sorrows and I hope so much, little Taglu will be a nice friend, playing together will bring much fun . All the best to the little bears.
    dear greetings

  9. Dear Mervi,
    Thanks for the news of the Alaska zoo. All the best for the
    sweet young bear.
    Bear Hugs

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