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May 31st, 2021 | By | Category: Lead articles

31.5.2021 – Photos by Sheila Baker

Hamish, Luka, Nobby and Sisu are doing fine in the Yorkshire Wildlife Park. They’re having fun together but sometimes they feel their own company is the best company.

Hamish was treasure hunting in the water.

Look what I found!


Hmm, what can I do with this?


I guess I can try to find water just like Sisu did!


Oh bear, this thingie does wonders! There’s water all over the place!


After all exhausting treasure hunting Hamish decided to have a wet nap. 🙂


Luka found a nice ball and it had the perfect blue colour that seems to be all polar bears’ favourite.


Cheek to cheek


Time to hit the land now ….


… and let the sun rays dry my fur.


Nobby demonstrates the typical polar bear sleeping pose 🙂


Hopefully he’s dreaming sweet dreams.


However, Nobby couldn’t keep on dreaming. Young Hamish arrived and was determined to wake up a play mate.


Oh no, stop it! You’re tickling my belly!


It takes two to tango – or wrestling! 🙂


Sisu’s fur has nowadays the special ‘Yorkshire shade of white’.


In the nice flower field Sisu found a blue barrel.


I’d better take it to a safe place before Hamish comes and claims it’s his ….


The gulls are our good friends so why don’t I share the toy with them? Here we go!


The gulls can have the barrel because I found something more interesting – a melon or at least half of it.


Don’t be afraid, dear gull – the toy is yours but I won’t share the melon with you!!


Although the four white bachelors are always starring the articles from YWP I want to present some other sweet inhabitants in this park.

It looks like the tapirs have been treasure hunting, too. 🙂


Isn’t this sweet?


Finally a real heart melter for you.


Dear Sheila! Thank you so much for these marvellous photos! Knuti’s Weekly wishes you and all our animal friends in YWP a happy Summer time!

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  1. Dear Sheila

    I am delighted with each of your wonderful pictures.

    The boys are doing well and one looks better than the other. I always like the bear enclosures.
    The real heart melter is really enchanting!!


  2. Dear Sheila,

    The polar bears are doing great and even in deep water they are finding old toys again.
    I love the sleeping position of Nobby.

    The other animals are also doing well and I say thank you for the beautiful photos!

  3. Dear Sheila and Mervi
    I am so glad that you are able to work together
    to produce these reports from YWP.
    The four bears are now very much at home in
    Project Polar. Each one seems to be making an impact on visitors.

  4. Dear Sheila and Mervi!
    The pictures are wonderful. The polarbear boys have enough to do with the toys and they are on the good terms.
    The white kangaroo is beautiful.

  5. Dear Sheila and Mervi!
    I had to laugh about the old crutch of Christmas tree. At least it still makes itself useful as a toy now in early summer….
    The four polar bear boys are really a cool bunch and it is wonderful to see them so well, whether they are rolling around in the grass, doing the “Troll” while sleeping or dancing the tango… I was also charmed by Sisu with the blue bucket.
    Also great are the photos of the tapirs, the cuddly hyenas and the affectionate kangaroo couple.
    Thanx for sharing!


  6. Dear Sheila

    The bears have much fun in the water and on land.
    I like the photo of the hyenas, and the white albino
    wallaby is so precious ! 🙂

    Chris 🙂

  7. Die Jungs haben echt viel SpaĂź und auch die anderen Bewohner sind entzĂĽckend.

    Liebe GrĂĽĂźe, Erika

  8. dear Sheila and dear Mervi,
    thank you for the great pictures of wonderful animals, they are all looking good, have fun together or alone and are in a good mood or better have tender and cosy moments, so sweet, lovely Spring and summer time
    dear greetings and good wishes

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