Breakfast with Ewa and her baby girl Miki

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2.6.2021 – Source: DalaTidningen, Photos by Eva Kallersand

Ewa’s and Wilbär’s baby girl Miki is now 6 months old and growing fast.  This time you can follow the mother and her daughter enjoying a hearty breakfast.

Daily walks in the big enclosure are on the family’s schedule.


When the keeper Julia Gryphon shows this sign Ewa knows it’s feeding time and starts walking towards Julia. Little Miki has been swimming and playing but now she follows her mama.

During my visits in Orsa I could see this sign calling Ewa and Wilbär to a feeding place. Fantastic that the bears really can ‘read’!


Hello there! Have you been waiting for me?


Ewa is two meters long standing up. She looks a bit unpatient but ….


…. soon Julia throws the first piece of meat to the bears. The keepers in the zoos must be real talented throwers! I’m impressed!


While Ewa was eating the meat Miki came to the fence to be treated with some yammy fish.


Is Miki maybe wanting a dessert from mama’s milk bar? 🙂


Miki means ‘little’ in the Inuit language but she’s growing fast and she’s now a fearless Viking Princess. 🙂


A piece of meat is a piece of cake now for this girl! 🙂


Miki’s ball is a bit worn out but baby bear don’t care – it’s fun to play with it anyway! 🙂


While Miki was playing Ewa decided to take a nice swimming tour.


Here we go!


Oh bear, that was so nice and refreshing.


Bye bye from Orsa! We hope to meet you soon again!


Knuti’s Weekly wishes Ewa, Miki, Wilbär and Hope a wonderful Summer time and, naturally, we wish the same for Julia and all the keepers in Orsa!

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  1. Great images.

  2. Dear Mervi!
    Thank you for the wonderful pictures from Orsa. Ewa is a big ber, Miki is a cute kid. They have the nice enclosure.

  3. Dear Dala, Eva and Mervi
    This is such a beautiful story. Little Miki is already
    showing signs that she will grow up like Ewa.
    Mother and daughter at the fence look beautiful

  4. Mervi,

    Miki ist ein hübsches Bärenkind und steht so putzig am Zaun.
    Schön für die Pfleger, den beiden so nahe kommen zu können.
    Allerdings hat das auch seinen Preis mit einer besonders kräftezwhrenden Wurftechnik über diesen hohen Zaun
    Dass Bären dieses Zeichen mit Futter verbinden, finde ich witzig, aber schlau sind sie ja allemal.

    Thanks to Eva Kallersand for the great photos!

  5. Ewa ist sehr entspannt.
    Sie vertraut der Pflegerin.
    Miki ist schön gewachsen.
    Sie haben ein tolles Leben
    in Orsa. Danke für die tollen
    Fotos an Eva Kallersand ! 😀

  6. Dear Mervi!
    Thank you for the update from Ewa and Miki!
    Too bad you couldn’t visit them yet!
    But it’s good to know that Ewa is a good and relaxed “first time mother” and that the little one is developing very well. The spacious enclosure with bathing facilities allows them to have a wonderful mother/child time.

    Dear Eva Kallersand!
    Thank you for these beautiful and vivid photos!


    Translated with (free version)

  7. Thank you very much dear Mervi and Eva.
    Best wishes to Ewa and Miki.

  8. dear Eva thank you for your wonderful pictures
    dear Mervi, thank you for sharing with us, it is so nice to see Ewa and Miki, they are content and happy to have such a friendly keeper Lady Julia, who brings always good food and has also a bit time for a short conversation, good wishes to Orsa
    dear greetings

  9. Dear Dala, Eva and Mervi,
    thanks for the wonderful picture of the bears in Orsa. It`s very nice to see the baers Ewa an Miki is
    a cool bear.
    Bear Hugs