EURO 2020/2021 and polar bear supporters

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11.6.2021 by Mervi

The European Championship tournament in football (Euro 2020) starts today and will go on until the 11th of July. The event should have taken place last year but as we all know the big event had to be cancelled due to covid-19.


You can find all the information about places, schedules, teams etc here.

For the first time even Finland is qualified to participate in these games. I have no big expectations but just being qualified is the first step into the world of the ‘big ones’.

Sisu lives in Doncaster now but he hasn’t forgotten the Finnish team. His paws are crossed for both Finland and England. 🙂


Why is the Finnish team called the OWLS?

In June 2007 Finland was playing against Belgium when a large bird of prey, later nicknamed Bubi, swooped over the football pitch before alighting on a goalpost and forcing the referee to hold up the game for six minutes.

After Finland won the match, the owl was adopted as the national team’s mascot and the team is now called the Owls.

Bubi – the feathered football fan


This time the games are played in different cities – one of them is Copenhagen where Denmark meets Finland, Belgium and Russia.

This photo was taken when Nord still lived in Copenhagen with Nöel. Now he lives in Ranua in Finland. The good old chap is a bit puzzled – should he be cheering Finland, Denmark or Russia??? Being a very clever polar bear he has a perfect solution. He will cheer them all!


Nobby is, of course, a faithful supporter of the German team but he’s also very proud sharing his name with the legendary Nobby Stiles.

Nobby Stiles spent the majority of his club career for Manchester United and he was a key player in the national team of England. He played every minute of England’s victorious 1966 FIFA World Cup campaign.

Nobby chosed the Old Trafford – ManUs’ home arena – as the background for this photo.

Old Trafford Stadium, inside

Luka decided to help the Team England. It’s important that the players are filled with adrenalin when the game begins but it’s as important to stay cool and relaxed at the same time.

Hello Harry (Kane)! Please, watch and learn! Stretching is A and O and after that some rolls in the grass will put you in a perfect winning mood. Stay chilly, be cool and mind you, don’t forget to score! That’s my advice to you and your team!


Hamish is the youngest of the four guys in Doncaster and he doesn’t really understand why twenty men are running after a ball and trying to kick it behind a goal keeper. Wouldn’t it be easier and more fun if everybody had a ball of their own?

OK, I will watch the games with the lads anyway. Maybe I will get as thrilled as they are already …..


Gerda and Kai look very calm and relaxed watching TV but my guess is that they’ll be more lively if and when Russia scores. 🙂


Hope in Orsa (Sweden) has also mixed feelings about which team to support. She hopes Sweden and France don’t meet …. 🙂


I have made many football specials and this collage is a ‘must’ in every one of them! I made it for Euro 2008 and I still think it’s one of my best collages because it really looks like Jogi (Löw) and Knut are discussing the best strategies. 🙂


Knuti’s Weekly and all the polar bears wish every team best of luck!

Little sweet Aika in Rostov declares the games opened in KWM! 🙂


May the best team win!

PS. It would be nice to read about the reader’s favourites in the comment field.

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  1. Dear Mervi
    The England team will be pleased to get the support of
    the Polar Bears at YWP.
    Wales are also playing and as I have several friends there
    I will wish them well.
    Hamish will be wearing his Scottish Saltire flag with pride. The Brits have three teams to support.

  2. Dear Mervi!
    May the best win!
    I’m not a football fan like some of my neighbours and I just want to see good football when I watch a game.I hope to see passionate players, young or experienced, from any country.
    Thanks for your great collages!
    I would love to watch football on TV with one of the bears pictured 😉


  3. Thank you very much dear Mervi.
    We are looking forward to the games.

  4. Liebe Mervi,

    das ist ein tolles bĂ€riges Fußballteam, von dem jeder sein Land besonders unterstĂŒtzen wird.
    Ich dage mal wer n i c h t gewinnt, es ist die Deutsche Mannschaft, weil sie nach dem frĂŒhen Ausscheiden in der 1. Runde bei der letzten WM nun dem Erwartungsdruck nicht standhalten können.

    Von allen anderen Teilnehmern möge der Bessere gewinnen, wobei meistens doch ein Quentchen GlĂŒck den Ausschlag gibt.

    Danke fĂŒr die hĂŒbschen Collagen und liebe GrĂŒĂŸe!

  5. Dear Mervi!
    You made the wonderful collages. I hope Nobby will be happy with our team.

  6. Dear Mervi

    Thank you all, both human and polar bear, for the wonderful introduction to the European Championship.
    May it be a good and peaceful time and games.


  7. Dear Mervi,
    thanks for the nice collages to the European Championship.
    Bear Hugs

  8. Ehrlich gesagt, ich erwarte nicht allzu viel von der EM.
    Angesichts von Pandemie und Klimawandel ist dies
    Turnier mit den weiten Flugreisen ein Anachronismus.
    Aber die Collagen sind wie immer sehr schön und
    witzig – mögen die besseren Teams gewinnen ! 😀

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