Yorkshire – The Big Four knows how to deal with the heat

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21.6.2021 – Photos by Sheila and Philip Baker

There’s been a heat wave almost all over the world but the Big Four in the Yorkshire Wildlife Park know how to deal with the extreme heat. They are willing to share their know-how with you!

Luka is welcoming the visitors standing on his hind legs.


It’s important you keep yourself cool. Please, don’t forget to drink a lot.


I guess you have not a lake like we guys here but maybe you can put ice cubes in the water in your bath tube?


Nobby and Sisu had a nice day opening in the morning.


Let me tell you the latest news …. We have neighbours – a beautiful lady polar bear lady Flocke and her three cubs. Guess who’s the father!


It’s Raspi – the guy who stayed with us for a short time. Imagine, he has three cubs. Oh, I almost forgot he’s even father of Hope who lives in Sweden now.


Even Hamish knows that the lake is the best place during a heat wave.


Did you know there a lake called Loch Ness in Scotland and they say a monster lives in the water? Here we have no monster but we can find interesting things here, too.



Hmm, maybe the visitors will think I’m the Lake Polar Bear monster, hihihii ….


Nobby found a big black thing …. it looks like a little worn out barrel ….


We white guys know that total relaxation is needed if the heat gets unBEARable.


Please, watch and learn!


Many nice toys can be found in the lake.


The two legged creatures are always busy and get easily stressed. Why don’t they follow our example?


Three in the lake


Sisu is admiring himself in the water mirror.

Here’s our advice to you: Stay chilly – be cool!


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  1. Dear Mervi, Sheila and Philip
    Thank you for letting us visit all four lads in Doncaster.
    They all seem to be in excellent shape.

  2. Liebe Mervi,

    vielen Dank an dich, Sheila & Philip für die bezaubernden Fotos und Kommentare aus dem Bärenparadies!
    Es ist eine Freude zu sehen, wie schön sie es dort haben und jeden Tag ein altes oder neues Spielzeug aus ihrem Pool herausfischen. Deine Verbindung zum Monster von Loch Ness ist natürlich wieder große klasse!

    Die guten Ratschläge zur Bewältigung der derzeitigen Hitze sind sehr hilfreich.
    Leider habe ich keinen Pool in greifbarer Nähe.

    Da kann der Gehege-Abstand zwischen den Jungs und der jungen Bärenfamilie mit Flocke noch so groß sein;
    Bären riechen meilenweit und deshalb werden irgendwann Flockes Pheromone sie erreichen und ihre Hormone durcheinander wirbeln, da bin ich mir ziemlich sicher.

    Herzlich Grüße und vielen Dank für das Highlight des Tages!

  3. Dear Sheila und Philip

    Yes, animals are simply smarter than us humans.

    For my part, I conclude from what has been said: Spend the hot days in the water, stress-free, start the morning comfortably and always keep an overview.
    You can also use the hot days to “dig” in the depths and then find something to be happy about.

    Thanks for this wonderful lesson 🙂

  4. Ihr Lieben!

    Danke für die tollen Tips und genießt den Sommer.

    Liebe Grüße, Erika

  5. Thank you very much dear Mervi, Sheila and Philip.
    Best wishes to Luka, Nobby, Sisu, Hamish, Flocke and her cubs.

  6. Dear Sheila, Mervi and Philip!
    Thank you for the great update from Yorkshire!
    The boys look fantastic and seem to be enjoying the summer to the best of their ability.
    I agree with Britta-Gudrun that sooner or later the smell of Flocke will get into their noses and I hope that this will not destroy this beautiful community… I loved especially the day opening of Nobby and Sisu and all pics of bathing bears.
    “Stay chilly, be cool!” is good advice, not only for heat waves!


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