Aalborg – Malik, Inuk and Imaq in August 2021

Aug 26th, 2021 | By | Category: Denmark

26.8.2021 – Photos by Helle Nygaard

It’s been quite a while since we saw photos of Malik, Inuk and Imaq but now Helle has visited the sweet family in the Aalborg Zoo.


It’s not easy to take a photo of all three together but here they are!


It looks like one of the cubs found something interesting.


Maybe it’s wise to take the treasure to a safe place. 🙂


Dear Sis, you are my best friend!


Did you know we have half sisters in Copenhagen? Auntie Lynn’s Imaq and auntie Nöel’s Inuvik. Our papa Nord now lives in Ranua in Finland.


Hugging the stone


I like to take a rest on a nice stone!


Do you like this pose?


There are no such things than unbreakable toys but this stone sure is unbreakable!


OK, stone – you win but I will grow older and bigger ….!!


Mama, I feel a little tired ….


…. so it’s time for a nap.



Waiting for Ralph and his bag? 🙂 Maybe you remember how Nuka and Qilak used to admire Ralph’s bag ….


Dear Sis, who do you think is hiding there?


Bye bye for now! Hopefully we can be back soon.


Dear Helle! Thank you so much for the lovely photos of ‘your polar bears’!

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  1. Dear Helle and Mervi!
    Thank you for the wonderful pictures from the zoo Aalborg. Inuk and Imaq are the lovely kids.

  2. Mervi, du weißt, dass mir Kommentare über Bären in solchen Steinwüsten schwer fallen
    und hier sieht man nicht einmal andeutungsweise Spielzeug….

  3. How wonderful to see those familiar rocks in Aalborg Zoo! Malik’s cubs are growing will, but are still very cute. I wish I could come visit them, but I will have to be happy to just enjoy these wonderful photos of the girls, and remember all the happy times at Aalborg Zoo.

    These girls have certainly heard stories about Ralph and his bag.


  4. Dear Helle and Mervi
    Thank you for the chance to meet
    Imaq and Inuk as well as Mother Malik.
    I certainly would love to have visited
    them with my shopping bag.

  5. Dear Helle and Mervi!
    Thank you for the latest photos from Aalborg.
    I too miss some greenery and toys for Malik and her charming kids in the pictures. A bed of mulch between the rocks would definitely please the family too…. But the bears look good and maybe you have to be there to be able to judge the keeping of the bears and the facility in all aspects.


  6. Dear Anke, dear Britta-Gudrun,

    There are toys in the water. Unfortunately I can’t insert the video in KWM showing Inuk and Imaq playing with their toys.

  7. dear Helle and dear Mervi,
    thank you so much for all these wonderful pictures of a lovely Polar bear family, I send many good wishes to Aalborg,I think the bear kids love the big stones because it is their home, but for later on I wish them maybe a nice place also with grass and some wild flowers
    dear greetings and paw waves

  8. Dear Helle

    Thank you for the enchating pictures from this lovels familiy.
    Nice to have seen pictures from Aarborg again.


  9. Dear Helle
    Wonderful pictures – thank you !

    Dear Mervi
    Thanks for showing !

    Hugs from Kopenhagen

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