Discussing and dancing

Aug 13th, 2021 | By | Category: Novosibirsk

13.8.2021 – Photos by Arkadi Laptenko

Kai tries to invite Gerda for a morning walk ….


…. but Gerda prefers to have a moment for herself.


Dear Kai, you should know that a lady needs some time in the morning to make herself presentable!


OK! I will follow you anyway.


Kai looks very slim compared to the roundish Gerda. 🙂


After the morning walk it was time for some arguments ….. Discussing or negotiating?


I would like to know what the ‘discussion’ was about. 🙂


It looks like Kai lets Gerda win. That’s what the male polar bears in the zoos usually do. The queen rules!!


Stay chilly – be cool!


The Arctic Corner certainly is a small heaven on a hot Summer day.


Of course, there are even other ways to keep a polar bear cool! 🙂


Arkadi has taken lots of wonderful photos of both big and small animal friends. I want to share some of them with you.

This little rascal is very curious. 🙂


His majesty Zao


This white tiger sure looks like a KING.


These teeth are made for biting ….. so, please, don’t come too close!!!


Gerda and Kai had a little argument in the morning but in the afternoon they were best friends again so it was time for a polar bear polka!


Thank you for watching! We’ll be back soon! Dasvidaniya!

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  1. Das sind zwei sehr gute Möglichkeiten,um Meinungsverschiedenheiten aus dem Weg zu räumen! 😉
    Ich freu mich immer wieder über die zwei Guten.

    LG Brigitte.

  2. Liebe Mervi,

    du weißt, dass ich die Fotos aus Novosibirsk nicht gerne kommentiere,
    weil sich das Leben dieser beiden Bären nur auf den paar Treppenstufen
    abspielt und wo wie ihre beiden Bärenkinder gehalten werden, möchte ich
    mir gar nicht vorstellen….

  3. Kai und Gerda harmonieren gut,
    auch wenn es mal Meinungsver-
    schiedenheiten gibt. Der Tiger
    ist sehr eindrucksvoll ! 🙂

  4. Dear Arkadij and Mervi
    Thank you for this exciting report from Novosibirsk.
    Gerda and Kai are a typical Polar Bear couple. Gerda
    knows that she has to have her own space.

  5. Danke für die wunderschönen Bilder aus Novosibrsk. Kai und Gerda sind wirklich echt lieb.

    Liebe Grüße, Erika

  6. Dear Mervi and Arkadij!
    Thank you for this update from Novosibirsk Zoo!
    I agree with Britta-Gudrun about the unappealing facility, but on the other hand, the bears are kept busy with ever-changing toys and inventive feedings, and the “Arctic Corner” is just great. But I also wonder how the cubs are doing and how they are currently kept.
    Gerda and Kai look wonderful and I was quite amused by the accompanying text. “Just like real life…”


  7. Dear Arkadij!

    In every good relationship there are differences of opinion.
    The wiser man gives in anyway, then he can dance with his loved one in the afternoon 🙂

    The white tiger is a true king!!

    Thank you for the wonderful story from the life of a completely normal relationship!
    The pictures are all great!!