Yorkshire – Green grass and wet water

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30.8.2021 – Photos by Sheila and Philip Baker

Flocke, Indiana, Tala and Yuma seem to be appreciating their new home very much. There’s amazingly lot of space for the polar bear family with green fields and they even have a little lake.

Flocke is very happy about her life in Yorkshire and share’s her joy with the birdie.


Tala is as beautiful as her mother. She knows how to choose the background that matches her good looks. 🙂


Green grass is so soft under the paws. Hmm, this cubbie has rolled in something else than green grass ….


I heard the off-white is the latest trend in the polar bear fashion!


Oh bear, we have a shower, too!


The treasure hunting has been succesful.


Again the family found something new.


A hanging tree? This needs a thorough examination!


Hey, this gives gymnastics a totally new dimension! 🙂


How about a happy hour with wrestling?


Biting is forbidden!!!!


Now you’re tickling my sensitive skin! Let’s find something else to do.


The canu is a popular ‘toy’ for all polar bears.


What shall we call this thing? Bear-Tiki?


For comparison – this is Raspi in October 2020. Even he loved the canu.


Playing hide-and-seek. I’m counting to hundred – or at least as long as I can ….


I’m ready! Where are you?


I can’t see anybear but I hear something from ‘downstairs’ …..


Found you! Give me a kiss!


Sisu spent the day back stroking in the lake.


Hmm, maybe this tube is too big to be worn as a mask?


Even Nobby was frolicking in the water with many toys.


After the activities in the water Nobby decided to go for a walk.


Dear Sheila and Philip! Thank you so much for these wonderful photos of our beloved polar bears in Yorkshire!

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  1. Dear Sheila,
    dear Philip,

    the photos are fantastic and these bears really have found a bear’s paradise in Yorkshire. One photo is more beautiful than the next and the gymnastics with the tree branches are divine!

    Mervi, your witty and apt comments always make these posts doubly worth seeing and reading “Bear Tiki”, who but you invents such a neologism? The Bearwalk is also great – simply a kisswalk!

    Best wishes and thanks to all three of you,

  2. Dear Philip, Sheila and Mervi
    It is a year since I first visited Flocke and her
    family in France. I was not sure how they would
    cope with the very different enclosure in Yorkshire.
    Thanks to your reports I am able to see how
    well they are doing.

  3. Dear Sheila, Philip and Mervi!
    Thank you for the new pictures from YWP. Flocke and her kids enjoy the green grass, the lake and many toys. I think they are very happy.

  4. dear Sheila, dear Philip and dear Mervi,
    thank you so much for all the wonderful pictures from Yorkshire, all the Polarbears there are looking great and are happy, can enjoy the bathing and play on the cosy grass. What more can we wish for these beloved animals.
    It is so sweet to see Flocke with her big children, they feel Mama is very content. And Sisu and Nobby so nice to see that they have joy
    dear greetings

  5. Dear Sheila and dear Philip!

    Whenever I see pictures of the YWP, I think what a wonderful place, what gigantic enclosures.
    Every bear that is allowed to live there is to be envied.
    Thank you for the enchanting pictures of the adorable family and of course Nobby.


  6. Dear Sheila, Mervi and Philip!
    What beautiful pictures from Yorkshire!
    It is so great that such a wonderful new home has been found for Flocke and her kids after Antibes. They have a good life and I hope they can stay there for a while.
    The photos are fabulous, showing all the bears’ joy for life, and the captions are the cherry on the cake.
    Thanks for sharing!