Flocke’s trojka is growing fast

Sep 27th, 2021 | By | Category: Lead articles

27.9.2021 – Photos by Sheila and Philip Baker

Flocke and her kids have been residents of the Yorkshire Wildlife Park quite a while now and there’s no doubt that they are very happy and satisfied in their new home.

Mom and son planning the day’s activities


There’s plenty of enrichment for Indiana, Tala and Yuma but just like human kids they are often interested in the same toy. 🙂


It looks like Tala (?) won the battle.


What style! What elegance!


Thank you for the applause!


The winner takes it all. 🙂


The gulls are always close to the bears.



The whole family in the water


I wonder what the trio found so interesting …


Look, I have a POLARoid camera!


Now I have to find nice objects for my photography. Maybe Sheila and Philip are willing to pose for me?


Mr Jasper has celebrated his 30th birthday


I’m sure Luka would be happy if he knew his dear friend Anori has found a new home in Emmen.


But Luka, why are you showing your tongue to us? 🙂


The polar bears in Doncaster will be back soon again.



Dear Sheila and Philip! Thank you so much for all these great photos of our beloved polar bears – and Mr Jasper!

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  1. Dear Sheila and Philip!
    Thank you for the wonderful pictures. Flocke and her kids are very happy in YWP. They all look very nice. They have many toys and a nice pool.
    Luka looks very happy too.

  2. Dear Sheila,
    dear Philip,
    dear Mervi,

    it is a delight to watch the trio and how they keep themselves busy in many ways.
    You almost don’t see any difference between mother and her children anymore.

    Mervi, your interpretation with the finding of the POLARoid camera is terrific!

    Thank you for the beautiful album and Happy Birthday to Mr Jasper!

  3. Dear Sheila, Philip and Mervi
    Thank you for these beautiful photos and accompanying
    They remind me of the great time we had together on Monday 13th September.. Jasper looks pleased with his birthday presents. We watched them being prepared.

  4. Thank you very much dear Sheila, Philip and Mervi.
    Best wishes to Flocke, Tala, Yuma and Indiana. Best wishes to Luka too.
    Happy birthday Mr Jasper.

  5. Dear Sheila, Philip and Mervi!
    Again, I can only repeat myself: it’s great that Flocke and her triplets got such a good new home! They seem very content and full of life. The linking of tubes and Polar oids was really a marvellous idea.
    Thank you for this update!

    I was especially happy to see Jasper again, who had lived at Berlin Zoo for a long time and was the father of several little black rhinos there. How nice that his birthday was celebrated in such a loving way, which must have been a lovely experience for him.


  6. Dear Sheila, Philip and Mervi!

    It iis really always a great pleasure to watch this adorable familiy!!
    Thank you so much.


  7. Es ist so schön die Bilder dieser gluecklichen Familie zu sehen. Gross sind alle geworden und das neue Zuhause gefällt ihnen gut. Danke fürs Zeigen.

    Liebe GrĂĽĂźe, Erika