Gerda presents a cute little friend

Sep 24th, 2021 | By | Category: Novosibirsk

24.9.2021 – Photos by Anna Novikova

It’s early morning and Gerda is still in the land of dreams. Maybe she’s dreaming of the white stuff that will soon fall in Novosibirsk. Well, I guess she has to wait for some weeks.


I love the peaceful morning hour. Kai is staying in the neighbouring enclosure so I can have lots of quality time for myself.


Males are nice creatures but sometimes they’re just too much – if you know what I mean. 🙂


We’ve had our Arctic Corner during the whole Summer season.


It has almost melted away occasionally but our dear keepers have always brought us more snow. Please, give them a big paw!!


Kai doesn’t quite understand why Gerda has suddenly turned her back on him.


I’m a cool polar bear male and try to keep myself busy and entertained anyway.


In our zoo we have lots of animals – big and small ….


… and this time I want to present one of the smallest to you.


This cute squirrel is busy eating and maybe saving food for the Winter.


What an impressive tail!


These sweeties can move freely in our zoo and they are not afraid of the two legged creatures. I hope all the visitors will be nice to him/her.


Oh, there are two of them. Well, the more the merrier as they say. The leaves have started to fall on the ground so the Autumn is definitely here.


Thank you for watching! I’ll be back soon and, of course, you will meet Kai as well.


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  1. Dear Anna, how wonderful to see two very contented polar bears in their own enclosure. Even though they cannot be together at the moment, it is obvious that they do enjoy their own company for the time being. And what makes it even better: although the snow season has not yet started, they were having that luxury already.
    The little squirrel is beautiful, especially his fluffy tail that for sure will keep him very warm during the cold Russian Winters. And collecting sufficient food for that period is also a must, isn’t it.

  2. Dear Anna and Mervi!
    Gerda is looking wonderful. She is prepared for the winter. It is great that Kai and Gerda are able to enjoy the snow in the summer too.
    Now the winter is no more far away in Novosibirsk. I hope the cute squirrel gathered enough food for the winter.

  3. Dear Anna and Mervi
    Thank you for these latest pictures of Gerda and Kai.They both look really healthy and happy with gorgeous fur.
    Red squirrels have gone from round where I live and we only have the grey ones imported from North America. The red ones are smaller and prettier.

  4. Thank you very much dear Mervi and Anna.
    Best wishes to Kai, Gerda and the little squirrels.

  5. Ich freu mich wieder ĂĽber die zwei Guten! Wie wird es den Kindern gehen?

    LG Brigitte

  6. Dear Anna and Mervi!
    I can only repeat myself: even though the polar bear enclosure in Novosibirsk leaves a lot to be desired, the keepers do their best to give their protégés a good or at least bearable life. The ever-renewed snow pile is a nice token of love!
    Gerda has lost her “bikini figure” for quite some time, but is now well prepared for winter and what may come…

    Kai, on the other hand, looks almost skinny and I hope he doesn’t suffer too much from the separation!

    Squirrels are always cute and pretty, almost everyone likes them! Like Ralph, I think the red ones are the cutest. Fortunately they are still quite common here.


  7. dear Anna,
    Gerda and Kai are looking great and the squirrel so sweet,thank you so much for all the wonderful pictures from Novosibirsk
    dear Mervi, thank you for your entertaining story, it is always a pleasure to watch the pictures and read your text
    dear greetings and paw waves

  8. Dear Anna und dear Mervi

    Wonderful pictures – thanks a lot for showing.

    Lots of greetings from Copenhagen
    from Inge