Knut and Giovanna in September 2009

Oct 5th, 2021 | By | Category: The Memory Lane

5.10.2021 – Photos by Gudrun

This time I want to show you some memories from the time when Giovanna was the guest star in the Berlin Zoo.


Even though Giovanna immediately made it clear that she’s the boss it seemed that Knut didn’t mind so much.



The water games were wonderful to watch.



The arrival of the catering service was always the high light of the day. ­čÖé


Which way to go? There were different opinions ….


…. but finally they started walking like a little polar bear parade.


We have so many sweet memories and luckily nothing and nobody can take them away from us!

Dumba’s tribute to our Knuti


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  1. Dear Mervi and Gudrun!
    Thank you for this lovely report. It was an interesting time for us. Giovanna changed many things in Knut`s life. I think it was not always easy for him to stay with Giovanna.
    Your collage is very nice.

  2. Liebe Mervi

    Das waren Zeiten, als Giovanna Knut lernte ein Eisb├Ąr zu sein.

    Giovanna war schon immer sehr selbstbewusst.
    Sie war die Chefin bei Knut. Sie war es aber auch bei Yoghi und sie ist es jetzt mit Nuna und Nookie!

    Es gibt die Dinge die sich nicht ├Ąndern! Warum auch meint Giovanna!

    Eine wundervolle Collage, liebe Dumba!


  3. Liebe Mervi,

    Anita hat es auf den Punkt gebracht: Giovanna war und bleibt die Chefin, egal in welcher Wohngemeinschaft.
    Wie gerne erinnern wir uns an das Teenager-Paar und eine gute Zeit f├╝r Knut, auch wenn er lange brauchte,
    um seine Sch├╝chternheit zu ├╝berwinden.

    Liebe Gr├╝├če

  4. Dear Mervi!
    I can still remember how shy Knut was at first and how excited we were when the two of them started playing together.
    Giovanna clearly wore the trousers and stole many a pumpkin from Knut, which I personally always felt sorry for…
    You can see from the photos what a beautiful and sweet bear Knut was. Giovanna was much more self-confident and a beauty already back then.

    Liebe Dumba!
    Deine herbstliche Collage ist herzerw├Ąrmend! Dankesch├Ân!

    Liebe Gr├╝├če

  5. Dear Mervi and Dumba
    The time of Knut and Giovanna together in Berlin was filled with drama.
    At first Knut seemed to be having trouble with his new partner..But as Anita has written above Giovanna taught Knut how to be a Polar Bear. Giovanna also learned from Knut and returned to Munich for a loving relationship with Yoghi.

  6. Vielen Dank liebe Gudrun, Dumba und Mervi.
    We miss you so much dear Knuti. We will always love you.
    Best wishes to Giovanna.

  7. dear Mervi,
    thank you for sharing these wonderful pictures by Gudrun with us, it was a good time
    Knut I am glad you had this lovely time with Giovanna
    Du bist f├╝r immer in meinem Herzen lieber Knut
    dear greetings

  8. liebe Dumba,
    vielen Dank f├╝r Dein so liebevoll gestaltetes Monatsgeburtstagsblatt f├╝r Knut
    herzliche Gr├╝├če