Mulhouse – Anori Anori débarque aujourd’hui / Anori arrives today

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13.10.2021 – Source: Zoo Mulhouse (en français / in English

C’est le grand jour!

Anori débarque aujourd’hui au Parc zoologique et botanique de Mulhouse en provenance du Grüner Zoo Wuppertal ! Cette femelle de 10 ans rejoint Sesi dans l’enclos des ours polaires. Ensemble, elles fourniront à Kara une double dose d’attention et de tendresse!


Isabelle, notre chef de secteur Carnivores, s’était rendue en Allemagne il y a quelques temps pour apprendre à connaître Anori, auprès de ses soigneurs et dans son installation d’origine.


This is the big day !

Anori arrives today at the Zoological and Botanical Park of Mulhouse from the Grüner Zoo Wuppertal! This 10-year-old female joins Sesi in the polar bear enclosure. Together, they will provide Kara with a double dose of care and tenderness!

Isabelle, our Carnivore Sector Manager, traveled to Germany some time ago to get to know Anori, from her healers and in her home facility.


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  1. Dear Mervi!
    I hope Anori arrived in Mulhouse. I wish you a nice time on the new place.

  2. Dear Mervi
    Thank you for showing us this report. Anori was much more at home in Wuppertal than Luka because she liked to rest in the mother and cub area shown in the first picture.
    I am hoping that Mulhouse is as good a home as YWP. Isabelle looks as if she has already made a good start with Anori

  3. Dear Meri!
    For a long time I had hoped that Wuppertal Zoo would continue to keep the polar bears, because it was in that zoo where the unforgotten polar bears Lars and Vilma had their baby Anori and where there were these enthusiastic and very dedicated keepers who loved the bears and kept surprising them with new toys.
    There are a few millionaires in the Bergisches Land who could have been convinced to sponsor a new enclosure….

    Once again, we are left with only our memories….

    I wish Anori that she will meet loving keepers in Alsace and have a happy life there.


  4. Thank you very much dear Mervi.
    Best wishes to Anori, Sesi and Kara.

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