Yorkshire – Polar bear life in October

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11.10.2021 – Photos by Sheila and Philip Baker

Flocke and her kid trio are doing fine and enjoy their life in the Yorkshire Wildlife Park. They were very lucky to find a new home where there’s lots of space for the family.

Flocke and one of the sons


This gorgeous guy is Indiana or Yuma – I can’t tell ….


Tala is active as usual playing with the black tube.


Oh bear, is that the Yorkshire Lake Monster?


No, it’s one of my stupid brothers trying to scare me ….


…. but let me tell you that he wasn’t very succesful, hihihii.


I’d better hide my tube for future use!


Hamish is an impressive polar bear boy. Mama Victoria would be proud if she could see him now.


Nobby and Hamish imitating rocks 🙂


Nobby says ‘hello’ to the visitors

You always want to take a closer look at me so here I am! Enjoy and admire!


OK! Now you’ve seen me ….


…. so it’s time for a nice nap.


Luka snows how nicely he can pose if he’s in a posing mood. 🙂


Polar bears are wonderful but I just have to show you other animals, too.

These lovelies are having a synchronized snack.


They can also share …


… or enjoy the snack separately. 🙂


The giraffes having a lunch hour.


Tala is looking for a play mate ….


…. and found one of her brothers.


It’s easy to understand why she’s also called Rasputina.


She doesn’t hesitate to challenge her bigger brothers.



Surrender!! I won!


Sisu has been indoors or at least separated from the other bears on vet’s advice because he had an abscess that burst. That’s all information I have for the time being. I wish my brave White Viking a speedy recovery!

Because there are no photos of my Sisu this time I insert a collage of him waiting for the snow.

Dear reindeer, have you any idea when the first snow flakes will fall?


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  1. Dear Sheila, Philip and Mervi!
    Thank you for this interesting report. The pictures of Tala playing in the water with a pipe are wonderful. Tala and her brother played very nice on the grass too.
    I hope Sisu is doing better now.
    The kangaroos are lovely.

  2. Liebe Sheika, Philip und Mervi,

    eure tollen Fotos machen Freude und gute Laune, weil man sieht, wie gut es den Bären geht,
    die sich vielseitig beschäftigen können.
    Mervi, deine Kommentare sind wieder große klasse.

    Vielen Dank und liebe Grüße

  3. Dear Sheila, Philip and Mervi!
    There are again wonderful pictures from Yorkshire of polar bears enjoying life and having a good time. The affectinate and humorous captions are again the icing on the cake!

    All the bears look great and have beautiful fur. Nobby seems to be becoming a real character bear and Luka appears relaxed and content after and despite his move.
    I especially like the pictures of Tala and the tube.

    The dancing bears are great too. I also liked the kangaroos sharing their snack.

    I sincerely wish poor Sisu a speedy and good recovery!
    But as much as I begrudge the bears an early start of winter with lots of snow, he can take his time here!


  4. Dear Sheila, Mervi and Philip
    Thank you for combining words and photos to
    show the latest news from Yorkshire Wildlife Park.
    Sisu’s absess perhaps explains why he was being
    a bit nervous around Nobby and Hamish.
    Polar Bears are very sensitive and having a lot of grass and mud may bring different problems from the old fashioned stone or concrete enclosures.

  5. Thanks for the great photos. It is almost, but not quite, like being there. Flocke and family are having a good time in their new home. Rasputina has a fine toy in that tube. She is quite the little Spitfire!


  6. Thank you very much dear Sheila, Philip and Mervi.
    Best wishes to Flocke, Tala, Yuma, Indiana, Luka, Hamish, Nobby and Sisu.
    Get well soon Sisu.

  7. Dear Sheila and Philip

    The Flocke family must be magical to look at. I’m already jealous that I can’t visit these 4 just like that.
    Fortunately, there are your wonderful pictures.
    Hamisch really looks magnificent. He’s going to be a great one!
    The Nobby portrait is beautiful. I think he looks a lot like Mama Giovanna.
    Luka also looks bearishly good.
    An albino kangaroo is a very nice rarity.