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13.11.2021 by Ralph Morton

My visit to YWP in October already seems far away and I have reported on the two main days spent at Project Polar sites One and Two already. But there is much more to YWP then just Polar Bears.

The park map shows how much has been added to YWP when it re-opened earlier this year. The area to the left of the blue line running down the middle of the map was the existing park. Everything to the right was only opened this year.


Many of the new animals are not so easy to photograph but I was delighted to find a family of bush dogs amongst the new arrivals. Some of them came out to greet me. There is a lot of water around the new area and it is lovely to walk through.


Red Pandas are pretty shy and hard to photograph so you will have to take my word that two of them are high up in these trees.


The troubled country of Ethiopia has provided two very different animal families for the new part of YWP. The first and most visible is a large colony of Gelada monkeys. It is interesting to compare the landscape of their new home with that of their homeland.



The Hyenas on the other hand prefer to hide in the dens on their large enclosure. But as ever YWP provide plenty of information about them. Apparently farmers in the Ethiopian town of Harar feed Hyenas to keep their livestock safe from the clever predators.




After a brief bus and train journey from Doncaster I had plenty of time for lunch in Sheffield before catching the bus to London.

The animals in the original part of the park have featured in other reports here but this white wallaby has become a firm favourite with visitors.


The buildings at the original entrance have been converted to classrooms though there is still a shop there. The silhouettes of YWP’s original animals are still on the doors. Polar Bears star on the walls.


The Polar Bears remain for me the stars of YWP. It is the only place in England where these superb animals can be seen.

The elaborate tunnel system is the key to moving the bears between the three open areas and their concrete and steel dens.



The other place in Britain where you can see Polar Bears is at the Highland Wildlife Park in Scotland. Relations between the two parks are an example others in these islands could learn from. So my last photo of the park is “wee” Hamish, Britain’s only Polar Bear cub.


After a brief bus and train journey from Doncaster I had plenty of time for lunch in Sheffield before catching the bus to London.

In front of the pub I found this bear collecting money for Sheffield’s children and the National Health Service. A fitting place to end my trip.


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  1. Dear Ralph,

    This is a perfect ‘finale’ of your YWP reports.

    I like the bush dog and the white wallaby – and, naturally, Hamish! Hmm, it looks like all the white animals are charming me. 🙂

    The picture of the bear collecting money for good purposes is a good way to end your reporting.

    Hugs from Mervi

  2. Lieber Ralph,

    fuer die Bären ist Doncaster ein Paradies und für die vielen anderen Tiere auch, denn ich denke, dass auch sie schöne große Gehege haben, sonst hättest du sie nicht so mühsam zoomen müssen.
    Hoffentlich konntest du sie mit bloßem Auge dennoch etwas schärfer sehen.

    Danke für deinen Bericht und vielleicht schmiedest du schon Reisepläne für nächstes Jahr?
    Lange und graue Wintertage sind dafür ein guter Zeitvertreib.

    Liebe Grüße

  3. Dear Ralph!
    Thank you for the last part of your report from the YWP in Yorkshire.
    I was able to spot the Indian pandas in the trees quite well… 😉
    Good that you photographed the signs for the djeladas and the spotted hyenas.
    I like the silhouettes of the YWP animals on the glass panels and doors. The ones of the polar bears are somehow very familiar to me…

    I like the fact that a colourful bear figure is helping to raise money for children and the National Health Service. Hopefully the campaign will be very successful!

    Take care!


  4. Dear Ralph,
    It is great, that you visited many animals. I like the Bush dogs.
    The white kangaroo

  5. Dear Ralph

    It is nice and interesting to get different impressions of the YWP.
    But at the end there must still be the bears 🙂


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