Yorkshire – Welcome back, Sisu!

Nov 3rd, 2021 | By | Category: Lead articles

3.11.2021 – Photos by Sheila and Philip Baker

After his health problems Sisu is back and according to the keepers (rangers), vets and even visitors he’s doing just fine! I’m sure we are all glad meeting him again.

What luck there are so many toys because I really am in a playing mood after having been indoors!


Terve! Hello! I believe many of you were worried of me during my ‘sick leave’ – especially Mervi. I can assure her and you all that I’m feeling fine.


My fur isn’t so presentable yet but when the fur has grown again I’ll be a most gorgeous polar bear. Why be modest when I know I have good looks? 🙂

When Sisu came to Yorkshire it was easy to recognize him because he was the whitest bear. Now his fur often is a darker shade of white but I guess his impressive size makes it possible to tell who’s Sisu. 🙂


I can’t help remembering how small Sisu was once upon a time so I just have to show you this wonderful photo.

Sisu with mama Venus in March 2017


Flocke and her kids have a new trendy restaurant now in their enclosure!

Oh bear, what am I smelling?


Wow! I hope I’m not hallucinating but I see a big piece of meat!


Come on! Our dinner is served!


The trojka has managed to catch their food. 🙂


Yammy, yammy! Thank you, dear rangers – the food is delicious!


And now something completely different as Monty Python gang used to say. 🙂

Drake obviously wanted to shake paws with Sheila ….


Why do they put a glass between me and my fans?


OK, I can’t shake paws but I can at least wave my tail!


Look how nicely I’m posing. Feel free to admire me with words like ‘beautiful’, ‘adorable’, ‘gorgeous’ and so on ….


Something cute for you

Baby Pablo with mama



Cotton top tamarin babies with their mum

cotton-top tamarin babies and mum

Bye bye from Doncaster! We’ll be back soon!


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  1. Dear Sheila,
    dear Philip,

    I am glad that Sisu is doing well again and the fur will also grow back soon.
    The troika looks fantastic and even at dinner they get along.
    The tiger is great and the little monkey baby too.

    Thanks for the great photos

  2. Dear Sheila, Philip and Mervi!
    I am very glad to see Sisu outside again. His back does not look nice, but Sisu is very active. He has many toys 🙂
    Flocke’s family is doing well.
    It is grey to meet more animals from YWP.

  3. Dear Sheila and Philip,

    Thank you so much for all these beautiful and charming photos. Of course, I’m especially happy seeing pics of my Sisu again. He’s so special to me because I’ve been following his steps from the day the Ranua Zoo announced his birth.

    When it was time for Sisu to leave Ranua I was worried of where he would go but now I know he has found a perfect home. Thanks to you I can keep on publishing news of him.

    Even Flocke and her trojka and the three bachelor bears Hamish, Luka and Nobby are special. I’ve only met Nobby ‘live’ when he was about 8 months old and the little guy stole my heart (what else could be expected 🙂 ).

    Drake is a beatiful cat and seems to be very curious about the visitors. I’m sure everybody loves him.

    The baby apes are always adorable and so are the sleeping hyenas!

    I wish you both and all the animals in YWP a pleasant Autumn/Winter time!

    Hugs from Mervi

  4. Thank you very much dear Sheila, Philip and Mervi.
    Best wishes to Luka, Hamish, Nobby, Sisu, Flocke, Tala, Yuma and Indiana.

  5. Dear Sheila, Philip and Mervi
    Great to see Sisu back out. Thank you for this
    wonderful new story from YWP.

  6. Dear Sheila, Philip and Mervi!
    I am very relieved that Sisu is halfway well again. He eats, he plays and his fur will grow back, he is on a good way! Perhaps he will retain a small scar, just as we retain the memory of our fear for him.
    It is always a joy to see Flocke and her lively trio at the YWP.

    The other animals in the YWP also seem content and healthy. Snow leopard Drake is a beauty and likes to present himself at the pane. The Liszt monkeys seem to have just as much interest for the visitors as vice versa…
    The little howler monkey Pablo is my favourite for this time, so cute!

    Thank you for this delightful update!


  7. Wie schön Sisu gesund und munter zu sehen. Ich freue mich, dass es ihm und den anderen Mitbewohnern im YWP gut geht.

    Liebe Grüße, Erika

  8. Dear Sheila, Philip and Mervi!

    This is nice news. Sisu is doing well and he looks impressive.
    Flocke’s kids can still share their food! I think that’s great.

    Pablo are just cute looking.

    Thank you for the wonderful pictures.


  9. dear Sheila and dear Philip,
    thank you so much for all the wonderful pictures of the lovely animals which are living in the great Park, they are all looking very good.
    terve dear Sisu I am happy to see you again, it is so nice to know you have a good autumn time.
    dear Mervi, thank you for sharing with us, it is a joy to watch and read this report.
    dear greetings