Zoo de La Flèche – Elusive polar bears

Nov 2nd, 2021 | By | Category: France

2.11.2021 by Mrs Giraffe

Quintana and Aron at Zoo de La Flèche have been very elusive and I have not been able to take photos of them until this past Wednesday.


Aron was in the new exhibit and came up to the window.



I only had my phone with me to take photos and there are some reflections in the glass but I thought might like to see him.

A black-and-white version of Aron


Let’s hope I will soon get photos of Quintana, too!

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  1. Ohhh, please ….., dear Mervi,
    don’t distribute these misleading (failed) photos of our beautiful ARON !!!!
    ARON looks great as well as QUINTANA ..
    They have beautiful enclosures
    and all’s well with them …..!
    Here is one recent,
    pretty informative video of ARON and QUINTANA :

    Best wishes

  2. Dear Mrs Giraffe

    How nice to read from you again.

    Aron’s pictures are enchanting!!!
    He looks really good.
    I also hope that you will soon post pictures of Quintana!


  3. Dear Evi,

    This magazine isn’t a photo exhibition. All photos are welcome and I’m really glad so many zoo visitors want to share their pics with us. Taking photos through a glass panel is always difficult – I know that from my own experience.

  4. Dear Mrs Giraffe, dear Mervi!
    Thank you for the pictures of Aron. It is a long time since I saw the pictures of him and of Quintana. The enclosure is very nice.

  5. Dear Mrs. Giraffe,

    vielen Dank für die Fotos. Ich finde, Aron sieht gut aus und freue mich,
    demnächst auch mal wieder Quintana zu sehen, wenn du einen Besuch machstt.

    Evi, das Video ist klasse!

    Liebe Grüße

  6. Dear Mrs Giraffe and Mervi
    I for one am very grateful to have these pictures of Aron up close. He is clearly visible and his smile shows as well as the texture of his fur.
    As English is not Evis first language I think she
    meant to be helpful by allowing us to see Quintana
    as well in the video when she was not in the photo
    and that was the “failure”.

  7. Thank you very much dear Mrs Giraffe.
    Best wishes to Aron and Quintana.

  8. Dear Mrs Giraffe!
    Thank you for the recent pictures of Aron on his beautiful enclosure. He looks very masculine and grown up.
    I am looking forward to more, then maybe together with Quintana. I hope the two of them get along well!


  9. Gut schaut Aron aus, er hat ein schönes Zuhause.

    Liebe Grüße, Erika

  10. I was unable to use my camera. My ipad was broken so I cannot download photos. I only have an old phone so for polar bear week it was the best I could do. Thank you to those who enjoyed seeing him but I will leave it to experts in the future.

  11. Dear Mrs Giraffe,

    This magazine is a place where I want to publish the visitors’ greetings from the zoos they visit. Experts may take fine photos but for me the photos taken by animal lovers are worth gold! – Please, continue to take photos and I will be happy to publish them here.

    Hugs from Mervi

  12. Dear Mrs Giraffe
    I am sure all of us loved the photos of Aaron. As I wrote above the rather odd comment by Evi was only
    joking about the “failure” to have a photo
    of Quintana also.
    As Mervi writes, please take photos any way you can. You will see from my stories that I only use a phone.

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