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29.12.2021 – Source: Tierpark Wolfsgraben

This time of the year it feels good to present an animal park that offers a safe place for animals that deserve to be happy. It’s my great pleasure to present this park for the readers of this magazine.

Tierpark Wolfsgraben in Breitenfurt in Austria takes care of animals that have had a tragic past, have sought refuge or have come to us with chronic diseases.

The greatest possible freedom, meaningful occupation and optimal medical care for the animals are the focus of this park’s activities.

You can read more here

Here are some examples of the Christmas enrichment for the animals.

Tierpark Wolfsgraben1

This donkey sure looks surprised but happy!


Wow! What a nice gift!


We are happy together and we know that sharing is caring!



Knuti’s Weekly wishes the animals and their keepers in Wolfsgraben a happy new year!

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  1. Dear Mervi

    My father always liked donkeys and he would have loved these pictures.
    He would often feed a donkey thistles to show how they could eat sharp plants without problem. In the Holy Land this would have been a lifesaver for the donkeys that carried Mary and Joseph into Egypt and later on carried Jesus on his last journey into Jerusalem.

  2. Dear Mervi!
    It is great to know that there are such wonderful parks for the animals with a tragic past. The donkeys look lovely.
    The Christmas enrichment is very nice.

  3. Dear Mervi!
    It is wonderful that there are such refuges for animals that have not had it easy so far, and people who care for them. I like donkeys very much and it saddens me that many among them are treated badly.
    All the nicer that these now have a good new home and were lovingly pampered there for Christmas.
    Thank you for showing them!


  4. The donkeys and ponys are ever so cute.
    Its nice, that there are people 🙂 who help
    the animals to have a quiet “Lebensabend”.

  5. Dear Mervi

    Yes, that is home. Where you feel at home and that’s what the animals look like.
    They are feel good . And that is home.
    Thank you for the nice post. I didn’t know the Tierpark “Wolfsgraben” until now.


  6. So eine tolle Einrichtung! Danke fĂĽrs.Zeigen und dem kleinen Tierpark alles Gute.

    Liebe GrĂĽĂźe,Erika

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