Blenheim Palace in December

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19.12.2021 by Ralph

Blenheim Palace near Woodstock is a short bus ride from Kidlington. It is the largest palace in Britain. The first photographs show the impressive lake.



Just in case you don’t know where we are there is a big illuminated sign. A carousel was among the Christmas stalls.



There was plenty of space for visitors to keep their distance.


If you are wondering why BN (my Bear with No Name) is not in any of the photos, he was snuggled deep in my pocket. He prefers a nice warm pub. 🙂

Christmas at Blenheim Palace

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  1. Dear Ralph!
    I think Blenheim Palace is a wonderful place to visit at the Christmas time. Our children loved a carousel.
    The lake is besutiful.

  2. Dear Ralph,

    Thank you so much for presenting this wonderful palace to the readers of this magazine.

    Hugs from Mervi

  3. The palace is indeed huge ! 🙂

    In Frankfurt we have no castle,
    because the City always was
    a “Freie Reichsstadt”, were the
    german Kaiser were crowned
    for hundreds of years…
    (in the Frankfurt Cathedral – Dom)

  4. Dear Ralph,

    Blenheim Palace ist ein prächtiges und edel aussehendes Gebäude.
    A very nice place for a Christmas market.

    By the way, I can understand BN. It’s much warmer in your pocket.
    And if he were to show himself, who knows what would happen.
    A gathering of BN’s fans could make it impossible for the spacing rules to be respected 🙂


  5. Dear Ralph!
    I think a palace like this is the appropriate place for an agent of Her Majesty the Queen to have fun at a Christmas market – undercover, of course!-.
    I’m sure BN went home in nice company, warm and safe.
    Have a great Christmas!


  6. Dear Rslph!

    What a great place! Thank you for showing.

    Hugs, Erika

  7. dear Ralph,
    thank you very much for your report and the nice pictures of Blenheim Palace. It is always great when a lake is near by
    dear greetings

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