Hope’s babies are doing fine!

Dec 29th, 2021 | By | Category: Orsa

29.12.2021 – Source: Orsa Predator Center

Today Hope’s baby bears are 1 month old and they have grown a lot but, of course, they are still very tiny.


Hope is a very good mother and takes excellent care of the cubbies but sometimes she needs to move herself after lying still for such a long time.


The babies have already opened their eyes a couple of times and in a few weeks time we can see them crawling around more.


We hope that people will respect the nature and the animals and don’t scare them with fireworks!

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  1. Dear Mervi!
    As small as they are, their screaming is impressive, as it is with all polar bear cubs! !
    I wish the two squirts and their poor mother that everything continues to go so well and that they grow and thrive. I keep my fingers crossed.


  2. Liebe Mervi,

    da drücke auch ich fest die Daumen, dass die zwei Schreihälse
    gesund bleiben und Hope nicht die Geduld verliert.

    Danke für das Up Date aus Orsa und liebe Grüße!

  3. Dear Mervi!

    The babies are wonderful. Hope is a good mother. I wish Hope and her babies all the best.

  4. Dear Mervi

    Thank you for this adorable Update from Hope and her Babies.

    My best wishes for Mama and her cute offspring!!


  5. Dear Mervi
    Hope has inherited Mother Flocke’s skills. I am keeping my fingers crossed for the little ones. Maybe one day I will get to see them in Doncaster! But for the time being let us wish the little family well.

  6. Die Daumen bleiben gedrückt
    für die kleinen “Schreihälse”. 😉
    Noch ist die kritische Phase
    nicht vorbei, aber es sieht
    bis jetzt sehr gut aus… 🙂

    Vielleicht habt ihr Glück und
    könnt die Babies im Sommer
    besuchen ? 😀

  7. Danke für das suesse Update und weiterhin alles Gute.für die kleine Familie.

    Liebe Grüße, Erika