Katjuscha is now with Tosca, Nancy, Lars and Knut

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27.12.2021 by Mervi, Source: Zoo Berlin, Photos by Monika aus Berlin

Today we received the sad news from Berlin. Our beloved Katjuscha has crossed the Rainbow Bridge and is now wandering on the eternal ice fields with many of her friends.

On the Christmas Eve the keepers found Katjuscha dead in her den. It’s a little comfort to know she obviously died in her sleep. My thoughts are with her keepers who took care of Katjuscha for such a long time.



Katjuscha was 37 old which is a very respectable age for a polar bear. She was the oldest polar bear in Europe.


The old bear lady has suffered from heart problems for several years and she has been under medical care for a long time.

Katjuscha was the only one left of the polar bears in the Berlin Zoo. It breaks my heart to think that they are all gone now – Knut, Lars, Tosca and Nancy and now even our Kati.



The Golden Girls – a polar bear trio we loved



We have all loved this beautiful polar bear and she will be deeply missed. One thing’s for sure – we will never forget her.




Dear Katjuscha! You’re beyond pain and sorrow now but we are mourning.


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  1. Katjuscha will be dearly missed. She was such a lovely bear, and loved by everyone. With her loss, it is the end of an era. So many wonderful memories of Lars, Nancy, Tosca, Knut and Kati.

    We wish you could have stayed longer, Kati, but it was time for you to rest.


  2. Liebe Mervi,

    das hast du so schön formuliert: …she is now wandering on the eternal ice fields with many of her friends.
    Und Molly Merow Katjuschas Tod als Ende einer Aera bezeichnet – eine Aera, die wir mit dir unseren geliebten Golden Girls Tosca und Nancy, mit Lars und Knut ueber lange Zeit erleben durften.

    Adieu Katjuscha, das Schicksal war gnaedig, denn du hattest einen sanften Tod im Schlaf und das troestet ein wenig. Ich hatte immer Angst, dass du eines Tages wegen deiner eingeschraenkten Beweglichkeit nicht mehr aus deinem Pool herauskommen koenntest…..
    Ich denke auch an deinen gluehendsten Verehrer in Oxfort, poor Ralph, der immer noch gehofft hat, dich trotz oder nach Corona wiederzusehen.

    Dear Mervi,

    you have formulated it so beautifully: …she is now wandering on the eternal ice fields with many of her friends.
    And Molly Merow called Katyusha’s death the end of an era – an era that we were able to experience with you, our beloved Golden Girls Tosca and Nancy, with Lars and Knut for a long time.

    Goodbye Katjuscha, fate was kind, because you had a gentle death in your sleep and that comforts a little. I was always afraid that one day you would not be able to get out of your pool because of your limited mobility…..
    I also think of your most ardent admirer at Oxfort, poor Ralph, who still hoped to see you again in spite of or after Corona.

  3. Mervi,

    danke für die wunderschönen Gruppenfotos mit den Golden Girls!

    (Sorry, für meinen Schreibfehler mit Oxford)

  4. Dear Mervi!
    Thank you for this bittersweet, sadly beautiful, heartbreaking tribute to our Katjuscha. She was one of a kind and simply beautiful.
    It is true that an era has ended here that was wonderful and unforgettable. Our memories remain. Now they are all together again, our beloved Berlin Zoo polar bears Tosca, Nancy, Katjuscha, Lars and Knut.
    I hope that Kati felt how much she was loved throughout her life and especially in her last years.
    We will miss her so much!

    Sad greetings, hugs

  5. Adieu,mein liebes Katjuschalein,konnte dich im Oktober noch so schön erleben.Ich werde dich immer lieb behalten.

    Sehr traurige Grüße von Brigitte.

  6. Dear All, this was always the news I feared the most of all: learning that Katjuschka also left us. Yes, indeed, softly and silently leaving in her sleep was a gift of the gods. Having been allowed to have her for so many years with us was also a gift of the gods. And yes indeed again, it is the end of a special era, the time of Knut and Co. Maybe, now, they may all be together again and Kati will tease Knut like she used to do, without any hard feelings from both sides and most probably Lars will again fall asleep on her back while trying to do tralalla.
    Where Lars was a gentle white giant, Nancy a kind of a coward and waiting for others to take action, Tosca an unfortunate circus bear who never learned to raise a cub, Knut an adorable young bear but raised by humans, Kati was the only and true polar bear amongst them.
    Dear Ralph, I feel so sorry for you. I always hoped and wished that after all these hard times you would have been able to visit and see your beloved Kati even though you were realizing that time was running fast for both of you.

  7. Dear Mervi and Monika
    Thank you for such a beautiful tribute to “my” Kati.
    I visited her on and off from 2007 to my last visit to her in September 2020.
    Such was her age and importance to me that I first started visiting her to say “goodbye” in summer 2015 when my mother was in her final year living in a care home.
    Katjuscha always preferred her own company. Although born in a Zoo, she behaved like a wild Polar Bear, stalking her prey and waiting patiently for “food” to appear.
    Visitors would always make for her enclosure when she went for a swim.
    Berlin has always boasted strong beautiful ladies, Dietrich and Knef are now joined by Kati.

  8. Dear Mervi and Monika!
    Thank you for this wonderful tribute for Katjuscha. I am very glad that we sah her on 5.12. in the good mood.
    Thank you for the pictures of our 3 Gold Girls. Unfortunately all polar bears went over the rainbow bridge now.

  9. Ich habe die traurige Nachricht heute erfahren, als ich im Tierpark war.
    Ich war noch am 22.12.21 (zwei Tage bevor Kati eingeschlafen ist) bei ihr am Gehege. Sie hat, wie sehr oft, in ihrem geliebten Höhleneingang gelegen und geschlafen. Einmal hat sie dann noch rüber geguckt. Ich hätte nie gedacht, dass sie zwei Tage später nicht mehr ist.
    Aber man musste natürlich immer damit rechnen, dass sie uns irgendwann verlassen wird. Ich finde es auch sehr tröstlich, dass Kati anscheinend friedlich auf der Anlage eingeschlafen ist.
    Jetzt ist die Ära Golden Girls leider endgültig Geschichte. Aber in unseren werden sie alle weiterleben.

    Liebe Mervi,
    vielen Dank, dass Du Dir de Mühe gemacht hast, und noch schöne Erinnerungsbilder rausgesucht hast.

    Es wird ein seltsames Gefühl sein, wenn ich bei meinem nächsten Besuch vor der leeren Eisbärenanlage stehe.

    Traurige Grüße aus Berlin

  10. Dear Mervi!

    This are so sad news.
    RIP dear Katjuscha.
    Dear Mervi! Thank you for publishing this wonderful remembering story.
    Liebe Monika, vielen Dank für deine schönen Fotos von unserer lieben Kati.


  11. Liebe Mervi!

    Danke für die wunderschöne Erinnerung an Katjuscha.
    Es ist ein Trost, dass sie einfach friedlich eingeschlafen ist. Auch wenn sie auf den Bilder oft wie eine junge Baerin gewirkt hat war sie doch eine alte Dame .Jetzt ist sie mit all den anderen Baerlinern vereint. Schlaf gut, liebe Katjuscha!

    Liebe Grüße, Erika

  12. Dear Mervi

    Thanks a lot for publishing the sad news. So sorry to know, that there are not polarbears in the Zoo – at least for the time being. I have spent wonderful hours there.
    Rest in peace dearest Katjuscha.

    Dear Monika, thanks a lot for the wonderful pictures.

    Hugs Inge

  13. Bye Katjuscha ?


  14. Dear Mervi

    What sad news!!!
    Kati has always been there for me since I became interested in polar bears. I was always very happy to see her.
    It is very nice that she fell asleep peacefully.

    Dear Kati, may you be well where you are now!

    Sad greetings, Anita

  15. dear Mervi,
    thank you so much for this lovely tribute to our dear Katjuscha, it is a comfort to know the Golden Girls Katjuscha, Nancy and Tosca are now together again for the eternity
    liebe Katjuscha Du wurdest gut versorgt und Deine Pfleger und all Deine treuen Freunde haben Dich geliebt und gerne besucht und uns allen wirst Du fehlen. Am Heiligen Abend hast Du Dich auf die weite Reise gemacht.
    In meinem Herzen bist Du für immer
    desr greetngs