Copenhagen – A panda date with some problems

Apr 29th, 2022 | By | Category: Featured articles, Knuipe

29.4.2022 – Source: The Copenhagen Zoo

When somersaults and bad timing get in the way of a good date.

Timing, timing, timing … the recipe for a good date isn’t always so straightforward, but one thing we can say for sure – timing is everything.


The Pandas were paired up last weekend, but just when it looked like the date between Xing Er and Mao Sun was going well, Mao Sun instead embarked on what few people would have seen as the ultimate dating move … namely somersaults!




The window for pairing is closed this year, but we dare say they were closer than ever before.


Oh bear, I’m exhausted!


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  1. Dear Mervi,

    ……not only knew when, but also how!

  2. Mervi,

    beim nochmaligen betrachten des Videos hatte ich den Eindruck,
    dass Madame durchaus wusste worum es ging, aber Mister Panda nicht – ein herrlicher Spa├č!

  3. Dear Mervi!
    I had a big laugh when I saw the male’s rather tomboyish way of trying to impress his sweetheart. He still seems rather green behind the ears…
    Let her enjoy her youth a bit more before she becomes a mother.
    Thank you for sharing!


  4. Dear Mervi!
    Mr. Panda has not acted very skilfully. The couple still needs to practise. ­čÖé

  5. Dear Mervi and Inge
    It is now nearly three years since I saw the pandas in Copenhagen
    They are now more interested in each other than they were then.

  6. Dear all,

    yes it was very interesting to see. Hope for a better result next year.

    Lots for greetings to you all from Copenhagen

  7. Dear Mervi

    Thank you for this adorable pictures!!

    Warm greetings,

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