Kulu’s adventure with the barrel

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19.4.2022 – Story and Photos by Molly Merrow

Young Kulu is only two years and four months old, but he gets around. He was born in the Columbus Zoo in Ohio, the son of father Lee, and mother Aurora. Aurora’s twin sister Anana also helped to raise him. In early October last year, just before his second birthday, he moved to the Como Zoo in St. Paul, Minnesota, and a new family welcomed him.

His new companions, older bears Neil and Nan, are like adoptive grandparents. They play with him and watch over him. Here’s a photo of Neil playing with Kulu in the water, while Nan watches. When the older bears get tired, Kulu knows how to entertain himself.

Neil Kulu Nan

One day last week, he found big white barrel, and he had so much fun with that floating toy.

Kulu barrel float

Sometimes he would hug the barrel.

Kulu i love you barrel

And other times he would savagely attack the barrel.

Kulu bite barrel

It was fun to do the seal pounce.

kulu pounce

Grandma Nan would come over to see what Kulu was doing.

Nan watches kulu barrel(1)

The visitors liked to watch him play.

Kulu barrel kid

The barrel float and that was fun.

Kulu barrel

But Kulu thought it was even more fun to make it go down, down, down under the water.

kulu barrel shake

So much fun for one little cub. Kulu smiles.

Kulu barrel smiles

There will probably be a new toy tomorrow, because this one is smashed. ­čÖé

kulu breaks barrel

Dear Molly! Thank you so much for this charming report!

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  1. Dear Molly!
    Thank you for this beautiful report about Kulu! I am happy for him that he has come to a good zoo where he has company and someone to play with. A win/win situation for all three bears!
    I especially like the pictures with the canister, where he can also be seen underwater. But you can see from all your great photos how well he is doing.


  2. Dear Molly,

    Kulu has found a lovely new home with two friendly “grandparents.”
    Bears love to play with canisters, which offer new challenges in the water due to their buoyancy,
    but also to try their strength on them.

    Thank you for your report and best regards!


    Liebe Molly,

    Kulu hat ein sch├Ânes neues Zuhause gefunden mit zwei freundlichen “Gro├čeltern”.
    B├Ąren lieben das Spiel mit Kanistern, die im Wasser durch ihren Auftrieb neue Herausforderungen bieten,
    aber auch, um ihre Kraft an ihnen zu auszuprobieren.

    Vielen Dank f├╝r deinen Bericht und liebe Gr├╝├če!

  3. Dear Molly and Mervi
    Thank you for this beautiful photo story about
    It is interesting to see the relationships that these intelligent and sensitive animals form in zoos.
    It is good that Neil and Nan enjoy having Kulu around.

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