Nuenen – Frimas, Elva, Wilbär & Co having April feelings

Apr 22nd, 2022 | By | Category: Featured articles

22.4.2022 – Photos by Hans Muskens

Hello there! Welcome to meet us in the Dierenrijk Nuenen! Our friend Hans has again taken fantastic photos of the animals in our wonderful park.

What could be more welcoming than this nice smile!


The ‘lolifantjes’ love to play together. Sometimes the playmate’s back serves as a ladder. 🙂


The arctic foxes are changing to more Summer like colour of their furs.


The wolf couple had Spring feelings.




Cheek to cheek


The gorgeous lion brothers


Never wake up a sleeping bear! This magpie has obviously not heard the warning …. 🙂


Wilbär keeps exploring his new home ….


He can smell the ladies but I think he’s wondering why they smell a bit different than the ladies in Orsa.


Double Elva


A whiter version of Fräulein Elva



Elva is a big girl now but she still wants to enjoy the delights of mama Frimas’ milk bar.



Time to grow up, girl! – I guess it’s soon time for Elva to leave Nuenen. As you know her brother Nivi is now living in Rotterdam where even Wolodja lives.


Wilbär wishes you all a pleasant Spring time! What a handsome guy he is!


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  1. Lieber Hans,

    deine wunderschönen und friedlichen Bilder tun so gut in diesen traurigen Zeiten!
    Auch wenn Elva sich bald von ihrer Mutter und der geliebten Milchquelle trennen muss,
    genießen wir die Fotos mit den beiden immer noch sehr.

    Wilbär scheint sich gut einzuleben und macht einen entspannten Eindruck.

    Die Löwen, Bären, Wölfe und Elefanten sind ebenfalls ein tolles Hightlight in Nuenen.
    Vielen Dank und herzliche Grüße!


  2. Dear Hans and Mervi
    Thank you for this chance to visit Nuenen in the Spring.
    Wilbaer must be fascinated by the new smells not just from all the new animals that were not at Orsa but also Frimas and Elvi.
    This is more like his birthplace in Stuttgart, but with a much nicer enclosure.

  3. Dear Hans and Mervi!
    Thank you for the new pictures from Nuenen.
    The chimpanzee smiles beautifully. I hope Wilbär will be happy in Nuenen.

  4. Dear Hans and dear Mervi!
    These are really great photos of animals that are obviously doing well at the Dierenrijk Nuenen.
    I would like to know what amused the chimpanzee so much….
    Elephant children play as exuberantly as all (animal) children and are also so droll.
    My favourites are the little arctic foxes, who look quite adorable despite their change of coat.
    Of course, the polar bears are out of competition… I am happy that Wilbär has come to a good zoo.


  5. Dear Hans and Mervi!

    Thank you for the news from Nuenen.

    I am happy to see pictures of Wilbär. He is interested in everything. That is good.
    There have been some changes in the polar bears lately. And they are continuing. But most of all, I’m excited to see the reunion ofWilbär with Frimas.

    The picture of the cheeky magpie and the resting brown bear is heavenly!!!
    And the two lions – Janusse look great.
    You rarely see wolves playing.

    Thank you for the fine impressions and pictures.


  6. dear Hans and dear Mervi,
    thank you so much for all these great pictures, Frimas is a wonderful Mama. I hope Wilbär will like his new home
    it is a pleasurre to see all the dear animals, it looks they are in a good mood, the sleepy bear and the bird so lovely
    dear greeings

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