A May Tuesday at Project Polar in the Yorkshire Wildlife Park

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19.6.2022 by Ralph Morton

Tuesday morning found me at Project Polar 2 watching the cubs enjoying the pool at the back of their large enclosure. Unfortunately my little phone was not able to record the fun so this story will be about Project Polar One.


Polar Bear viewing is often a relaxing pastime. Luka was stretching on one side of the path. Nobby and Sisu were on the other side. Hamish was out of sight.



Luka decided that grass was fresh enough for a tasty salad and was munching happily.


Sisu came over to wake Nobby up. This seemed to work.


A good mutual sniff and mouth taste is a well established ritual between Polars. Nobby stood up for a better sniff and Sisu followed.


The sniff became another tasting session which looked like a slow motion play fight.




Back on the ground for some more tasting and sniffing. Nobby and Sisu were really getting along well and enjoying being together.


Then Sisu decided it was time for another stand and sniff. This time some pushing and shoving was added.



But for much of the time it was just nice to stand together and chill.


Meanwhile Hamish was doing a lot of walking. He and Luka still play a bit too rough to be with other bears. Size matters in the Polar Bear world and both of Victor’s family are like him big and forceful.



The tunnels that connect the three enclosure with the dens are a good place to get a close up shot of the Polars. Not sure if this is Nobby.


Luka walking back to the dens shows his big purple tongue.


The den complex is designed to keep the bears separate if necessary but give them as much freedom to move around as possible. Luka on his way to the plunge pool behind the dens.


The pool is a big hit with bears. Luka was a happy Polar.



After a long day the Polars have plenty of places they can choose to sleep.. Nobby decided that the tunnel suited him just fine.


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  1. Dear Ralph!

    Once again you brought us a fantastic report from Yorkshire.

    I’m more than happy seeing that Sisu has found a good friend – Nobby. They are both very special to me so watching them together makes my heart sing.

    Of course, Hamish and Luka are very sweet polar bear guys, too.

    Thank you for the wonderful ‘souvenirs’!

    Hugs from Mervi

  2. Thank you very much dear Ralph.
    Best wishes to Luka, Sisu, Hamish and Nobby.

  3. Dear Ralph!
    Many thanks for your report!
    It’s a pity that you couldn’t photograph the water games of the cubs in Project Polar 2.
    Like Mervi, I am very happy that Sisu and Nobby have made friends. In the pictures it looks like they are dancing with each other.
    Also, Sisu’s wound seems to have healed fortunately.
    Thanks for this positive update!


  4. Dear Ralph!
    It is great to know that Nobby and Sisu play together. The bears in YWP have a lot of place for their activities.

  5. Dear Ralph

    Polar bears on green grass is always a very nice contrast for me.
    The resting bears all look very relaxed and “long”.
    Nobby and Sisu doing some light sparring just look cool.
    Seeing the bears face-to-face in the aisles is sure to be an awe-inspiring experience.
    The pool that just has room for a bear is bound to be a hit for the bears.

    So, dear Nobby, there are surely still more comfortable places to sleep than you have chosen???

    Thank you, dear Ralph.


  6. Dear Ralph,
    What a lovely day you must have had, watching all that relaxing by the bears. Sisu and Nobby could compete in Strictly Com Dancing, as they seem to be rehearsing for it.

    And it is nice that the bears have a choice of swimming in the pond, or their own private pool.

    Thanks for your wonderful storytelling.


  7. Lieber Ralph,

    deine Berichte und genauen Beobachtungen zu lesen ist immer wieder ein Vergnügen.
    So wie Hunde sich erst mal beschnüffeln, so ist es auch Usus bei den Bären und wichtig ist denen auch, wer hat den größeren Mund. Im Deutschen sagt man dazu auch: Wer hat die größte Klappe?

    Der Privatpool ist sehr klein und wahrscheinlich nur eine Zwischenlösung, wenn die Bären mal nicht
    in ihr großes Gehege gehen können oder wie verstehe ich das?

    Wenn sich die Bären gut vertragen und miteinander befreundet sind, ist das wunderbar.
    Bei Streit können sie sich aus dem Wege gehen.

    Liebe Grüße und bis bald mal wieder mit dir bei den Bären, wenn dich die Reiselust packt!

  8. dear Ralph,
    thank you so much for your nice report and for all the pictures from Yorkshire
    we can see big bear boys, it is great that they can be together, and a sniff from time to time, no problem, much better then living alone, I am glad the bears have this wonderful place
    dear greetings and good wishes

  9. Lieber Ralph!

    Vielen Dank für deinen interessanten Bericht und die schoenen Fotos!
    Ich wünsche dir einen schönen Abend!
    Liebe Grüße

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