Nostalgie – Golden Girls’ Holiday Plans

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16.6.2022 – First published in June 2012 by Mervi, Original photos of the stars by Monika aus Berlin

One beautiful June morning the Golden Girls woke up and realized they hadn’t made any holiday plans.

Kati: Dear ladies, it’s already June and we haven’t made any plans for our Summer holiday!

Nancy: Oh, it’s not too late….

Tosca: I’ve got lots of broschures so we can take a look at them and make a virtual trip before we decide what we want to do.


Nancy: I want to visit London and meet Beef Eaters. I’m sure they are relatives of ours because we love beefs, too!

Tosca: Nancy, my dear, that’s an excellent idea.


Kati: If we’re going to England I insist we will visit Oxford, too! I wouldn’t mind a candle light supper with suitable company…

Tosca and Nancy: Yeah, yeah, yeah, we all know what you mean by ‘suitable company’. Why don’t you say it – you’re thinking of a very special gentleman. But Kati, have thought that in Oxford everybody’s very well educated and they all speak Latin. Can you growl in Latin perhaps?

Kati: No, I don’t growl in Latin but when one’s having a candle light supper with a gentleman one doesn’t growl at all. You are so unsophisticated!


Nancy: I’d like to visit Amsterdam! It’s a big city but it looks like a friendly city to me. I love the channels….

Tosca: Have you thought that they may expect us to wear the clogs? I don’t think even the biggest clogs would be so comfortable for our paws…..


Tosca: Hey, here’s a broschure of New York! It really looks exciting!

Nancy: Yes, it looks great but you should know that this city never sleeps! When would we be able to take a ‘Nickerchen’?

Kati: Well, Knuti-Judi doesn’t live so far away so maybe she would let us camp in her garden if we got really tired….


Tosca: I don’t think this big city is a suitable holiday resort for us but I have always wanted to do one thing….. This would be a big surprise for the never sleeping New Yorkers, hihihii…. it would knock them out!

Kati, Nancy: You naughty girl! Hehehe, we must admit it looks fantastic!


Aaah, Piazza di Spagna in Rome is always worth a visit don’t you agree? We could also hire a ‘vespa’ and take a ride in the city….


Tosca: Maybe we could have a holiday on a beach? Just lie in the sunshine and relax?

Kati: It’s not such a bad idea but I wonder why all the beaches are so empty when we arrive. Why do the people run away? It’s the same with the buses, with the airplanes … Do you think all these people have a bad bear allergy?


Nancy: We could, of course, go to northern Finland and see the midnight sun. Isn’t it amazing – the sun never sets this time of the year. Poor sun, I’m sure she hasn’t got a watch.


Tosca: Haven’t you heard about the mosquitos? There are lots of them and they are MEAN!

Kati: Mervi told me that in the end of June they come to northern Finland even if they have to come in wheel chair….


Tosca: But ladies, the high light of every trip is to come home and sleep in your own den. That made me think – why bother to travel at all…. We have everything we need right here!


Nancy: And we can have a Nickerchen whenever we want…..


The meals are served punctually every day thanks to our very reliable service people.


Kati: It might be nice to visit different zoos and watch the visitors but on the other hand – visitors come to us from all over the world so why don’t we just stay here and enjoy the Summer!

We wish all the readers of Knuti’s Weekly a happy Summer time!

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  1. Thank you very much dear Mervi.
    Wonderful story.
    We will never forget Knut and the Golden Girls. We will always love them.

  2. Liebe Mervi,

    das ist eine hübsche Geschichte mit unseren reiselustigen Damen und sie an den berühmten Sehenswürdigkeiten zu sehen, ist sehr reizvoll, vor allem an der Freiheitsstatue!

    Aber Kati sagt sehr klug: Manchmal ist es Zuhause am schönsten, vor allem, wenn dann
    die lieben Eisbärenfans zu Besuch in den Zoo kommen. Ein hübsches Ende für die Reisepläne.

    Und Monikas Fotos von Kati vor dem Höhleneingang bleibt mir aus ihrer letzten Zeit im Zoo
    immer in lieber Erinnerung.

    Vielen Dank für die schönen Erinnerungen an die Golden Girls und liebe Grüße!

  3. Dear Mervi!
    It makes me very nostalgic, not to write wistful, to see our Golden Girls again in this nice story. Thank you!!!
    The collages are as funny as the story and awaken wanderlust and desire to travel.
    Ralph will have been especially excited about visiting Oxford with the prospect of a candlelight dinner with Kati, but London, Amsterdam, New York, Rome, or a nice beach wherever were also wonderful fictional destinations for the Bears.
    Now, after more than two years of pandemic and again strongly increasing incidences, the insight that it is perhaps nicest at home – at the moment – after all, is not the stupidest…


  4. Dear Mervi!
    It is very nice story. We share the wonderful memories.

  5. Das ist eine sehr schöne Geschichte mit wunderschönne Bildern! Für mich bleiben die drei guten Mädels auch immer in lieber Erinnerung.

    Liebe Grüße von Brigitte.

  6. Dear Mervi and Monika

    Thank you for reprinting this story about the Golden Girls.They were such an important part of my visits to Berlin.
    I would love to have seen them in Oxford.

  7. Dear Toska, dear Nancy and dear Kathi

    I have a question: Can I travel with you???

    Warm greetings from Giovanna 🙂

  8. dear Mervi,
    thank you for these sweet memories of our Golden Girls
    dear golden Girls, I can understand your Holiday plans,there are many wonderful places iin the world, but when I think of your sweet home in Berlin, it was so nice to see you content together in the pool, eating delicious food and having fun and joy when your dear friends came to visit you. It was a great time….
    dear greetings

  9. Dear Mervi,

    What fun the Golden Girls had thinking about all the places they could travel to, and visiting their friends in the different cities. Of course their friends did come to Berlin to visit them, and their visitors would be disappointed if the girls had gone on holiday.

    I am sure Ralph would have loved a candlelight dinner with the girls.


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