Yorkshire – Playful kids and handsome giants

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10.6.2022 – Photos by Sheila and Philip Baker

All the polar bears in the Yorkshire Wildlife Park are doing fine. Indiana, Yuma and Tala are playing happily while mama Flocke is keeping herself rather ‘invisible’. I guess she enjoys her singel life and doesn’t want to be disturbed. I’m sure we all agree that she deserves to have some quality time of her own.

I’m not quite sure but I think this is Tala. Is this perhaps a new kind of protection against the hot sun rays? 🙂


Shouldn’t the periscope point upwards ….. 🙂


OK! I try again!


Hmmm, it’s hard to see anything with the periscope in my mouth.


Indy and Yuma sharing food like good friends and brothers!

Sharing is caring Indie and Yuma sharing food this morning

Hamish has an interesting fur pattern.


Is the stupid bird flying right into Hamish’s mouth? No, it just looks like it. 🙂


Please, let me eat my meal without paparazzis!


Ralph wrote in his report that Luka is the biggest of they boys and he sure looks impressive.


I’m sure Eric loves this photo of ‘his’ Luka!


Has Luka fallen asleep in the middle of his lunch hour? The birds are, of course, waiting for their chance to pinch the food. 🙂


Nobby ha an intesting fur colour in this photo. What can we call that? Please, let me know! 🙂


This is a multicolour version of his fur.


For comparison – Nobby in July 2013


My Sisu is more gorgeous than ever!


I’m always happy seeing him playing and looking so happy.


The little boy is a real giant now.


For comparison – Sisu with mama Venus in June 2017


There’s always something to play with – you just have to be innovative and creative!


Sisu shows you how to relax on a beautiful sunny Summer day.


Knuti’s Weekly wishes all the animals, rangers and vets a happy Summer time. Of course, I wish the same to Sheila and Philip as well. Thank you so much for all your wonderful photos!

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  1. Liebe Sheila, Philip & Mervi,

    das sind wunderbare Fotos aus Yorkshire und der beste Beweis dafür, wie gut es den Bären dort geht.
    Ihr Fell ist dicht und schön, egal in welcher Farbe und gut genährt sehen sie auch aus. Die Bären in unseren Zoos sind viel dünner und haben nicht so ein dickes Fell, das meine ich jedenfalls.

    Natürlich sind euch wieder ganz grandiose Aufnahmen gelungen, vor allem das mit dem Vogel so dicht vor
    Hamischs Mund. Mervi, besonders niedlich sind auch deine Erinnerungsfotos zu Nobby und Sisu als Bärenbabies!

    Vielen Dan an euch drei für das schöne Update aus Yorkshire und liebe Grüße!

  2. Dear Sheila and dear Philip!
    Thank you so much for these fantastic photos from the YWP! It’s just wonderful to see these bears so content in the here and now and I’m happy for them that they are so well cared for!

    Flocke’s growing kids have quickly learned to get along without their mother and are very good at keeping themselves busy with whatever is available, e.g. tubes!

    The large male bears also look great and are having a great time.

    These are all super photos and I don’t have a favorite, or rather they change every time I look at them….
    However, I would like to highlight the one of Hamish and the bird. What a great snapshot!


  3. Dear Sheila, Mervi and Philip!
    It is great that Tala, Yuma and Indiana are doing well. I am a bit sad that you do not meet Flocke.
    Luka, Sisu, Nobby and Hamish are adult bears now. I am very glad that they all are happy.

  4. Thank you very much dear Mervi, Sheila and Philip.
    Best wishes to Flocke, Tala, Yuma, Indiana, Hamish, Nobby, Sisu and Luka.

  5. Dear Sheila and Philip!

    I always like your reports from the YWP very much.
    They show me bears that look good, feel good, have space and live in a green enclosure.

    I also think only a happy bear can get dirty.

    Nobby’s childhood picture is cute, but a Nobby that white was a rarity back then!

    Thank you.

    P.S.: Thank you, dear Mervi!

  6. Dear Sheila, Philip and Mervi
    Thank you for this lovely report about the Polars at YWP.
    Mervi helped by showing Nobby and Sisu while they were

  7. dear Sheila and dear Philip,
    thank you so much for all these wonderful pictures from Yorkshire, the lovely Polar bears have a good life there, they can enjoy their great home, I am happy to see the bears having joy
    dear Mervi, thank you very much for the nice text, I think Sisu is content in Yorkshire, his childhood was wonderful
    dear greetings and good wishes to all

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