The Memory Lane

Knut and Giovanna in September 2009

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5.10.2021 – Photos by Gudrun
This time I want to show you some memories from the time when Giovanna was the guest star in the Berlin Zoo. We have so many sweet memories and luckily nothing and nobody can take them away from us!

Erinnerung an Knut September 2007

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5.9.2021 – Photos by Gudrun
We called the year 2007 Twothousand and Knut. What a year it was! We fell in love with the cute fur ball and we are still in love. Always in our hearts – never forgotten!

Knut in August 2008

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5.8.2021 – Photos by Gudrun, Collage by Dumba
This time we remember Knut as he was in August 2008. It was a long time ago but somehow it feels like yesterday.

Knut nostalgie – Bearforce One ist gelandet

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5.7.2021 von/by Teddybärenmutti (Auf Deutsch / In English) -First published 22.10.2010
Here’s another story by Teddybärenmutti. This time our bear friends were visiting Turku in Finland. As you may remember Turku is TBM’s hometown.

Knutis Urlaub / Knuti’s Summer holiday

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5.6.2021, First published in June 2008 (Auf Deutsch / In English)
Knut and TD had a wonderful Summer holiday but, of course, their fans started wondering where they are. Here’s the whole story.

Erinnerung an Knut in Summer/Autumn 2007

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5.5.2021 – Photos by Gudrun
We called this special year ‘TwothousandKnut’ with all the reason. This was a year we will always remember! What fantastic and beautiful memories we have from that happy year!

Nostalgie – Knuti Will Urlauben

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5.4.2021 by Teddybärenmutti
Yesterday would have been Teddybärenmutti’s 70th birthday but sadly she’s no longer with us. I re-publish this old story to honour the memory of three beloved friends – Knut, TD and TBM.

Knut nostalgie – Ice breakers connecting people

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19.3.2021 by Knut and Mervi (in English / auf Deutsch)
Ten years have passed since the black Saturday in March 2011 when we received the tragic news from Berlin. Our beloved Knut had left us – but as we know now he never really left us. His spirit lives in our hearts and even in the pages in this magazine.

Knut nostalgie – It’s been a wonderful winter!

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5.3.2021 – Photos by LeenaP
Ciao amici! I speak quite fluent Italian nowadays. Wow, what a winter we’ve had. La Donna and I are so glad it lasted so long this time. Hopefully it will come again in December!

Goodbye Olinka! Remembering a caring mother bear

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12.2.2021 by Molly Merrow A patient mother, a gentle bear. Olinka is being remember with much love. She died at Rotterdam Zoo on Tuesday, February 9, following a decline in her health in the past few months. She was put under anesthesia, and it was found that she had advanced liver and kidney disease, and […]