Nostalgie – Beveridges for Bear and Beer Lovers

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17.2.2021 by Knut in co-operation with Dumba and Mervi. This story was first published 25.2.2011. Dear friends! I know my cook books have been a great success and you have enjoyed to read them and try all the recipees – maybe with the exception of that of Finnish fries….. Well, a good dinner requires something […]

Nostalgie: Danke, Lieber Papi / Thank You, Dear Daddy

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29.1.2020 by Teddybärenmutti, Auf Deutsch / In English,  Photos by Barbara When Thomas Dörflein had left us Teddybärenmutti wrote a wonderful and touching story which I – and many others – found very comforting. We need consolation again so I wanted to publish this story again. Am Morgen 23 September 2008 -Kling, kling, kling! Knuten […]

Nostalgie – Halloween with Knuti in 2008

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31.10.2019 -In English/Auf Deutsch First published on the 31st of October 2008. Story by Knuti (with a little help from Mervi, Collages by Mervi, Orginalphotos by Viktor, Manuela R, Doris Webb. Translation into German by Josefine I woke up very early because it was a very special day: Halloween! I had so much to do! […]

Nostalgie: Rolling Pin Therapy/NudelholzTherapie

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29.9.2019 by Mervi (In English / Auf Deutsch) This story is based on hilarious comments in the Knuipe and was first published in October 2009. I think it’s worth being published once more! Images by Caren and Mervi, Originalphotos by Viktor, Caren, Knuti-Judi Translation into German by Caren Yesterday there was a big family meeting […]

To Bear Or Not To Bear

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21.2.2019 – Story by Mervi (in English/auf Deutsch), Photos by Nene (First published in April 2008)
When I was visiting Knuti in March with some friends I noticed that many of the animals love to lie on their backs and wave with their paws. It looked so relaxing that we decided to try it, too.

KNUT NOSTALGIE: Moonlighting – Schwarzarbeit

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29.11.2018 – First published in 2008 (in English/auf Deutsch) Story by Knuti (with a little help from Mervi), Original Knuti photos by Hatmuth and Viktor, Collages by Mervi, Übersetzung: Doro The Zoo has made a lot of money thanks to me but I thought I can make it even better. You all know that I’ve been […]

The Mystery of the lost Pissiewissieken

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29.10.2018 – By Patricia Roberts, Translation into German by Ludmila Originalphotos by Caren, Drawing by Raspi Because it’s Knutitours’ 10th anniversary year here’s another hilarious story from the good old days: Übersetzung von Ludmila finden sie hier (am Ende) The following e-mail exchanges took place after a certain explanation needed to be given with respect […]

The Mystery of the Lost Appetite/Das Geheimnis des Appetit-Verlustes

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27.10.2018 – In English / Auf Deutsch – by Mervi, Translation into German by Caren, Collages by Mervi, Original Knuti and Giovanna by Monika and SylviaMicky. This story was first published 29.1.2010 when we called Giovanna ‘Gianna’.

Flocke visits Knuti – Part 5 / Flocke besucht Knuti – Teil 5

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7.10.2018 – First published in 2008, In English/Auf Deutsch
This is the 5th and the last episode of the story of Flocke’s and Knut’s meeting in Berlin. This time Flocke is invited to dinner with Knut’s parents.

Flocke visits Knut – Part 4 / Flocke besucht Knuti – Teil 4

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27.9.2018 – First published in 2009
Story: Teddybärenmutti, Collages and translation into English: Mervi, Originalphotos: Marion K, Viktor, Manuela R, Jessie Webb. This is the 4th episode of the story of Flocke’s and Knuti’s meeting.