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Freedom and Yuka had a happy day / Wolodja had feathered visitors

Oct 14th, 2020 | By | Category: Zoos in Netherlands

14.10.2020 – Photos by Nel Hoekstra Ouwehands Dierenpark – What could be a better way to start a new day than cuddling with mama? Yuka knows it and loves the morning routine with mama Freedom. We are sure this is going to be a great day for us! It’s wise to relax and stretch a […]

Olinka and Wolodja in July 2020

Jul 16th, 2020 | By | Category: Zoos in Netherlands

16.7.2020 – Photos by Nel Hoekstra Olinka and Wolodja are enjoying lazy Summer days in the Rotterdam Zoo. They live in separate enclosures for the time being but the grass is green in both enclosures. 🙂 Olinka inspecting her garden. She seems to be satisfied with what she saw. When Nel visited the zoo Wolodja […]

Goodbye baby bear Yura!

Jun 13th, 2020 | By | Category: Zoos in Netherlands

13.6.2020 – Source Ouwehands Dierenpark Rhenen On Thursday (11th of June) one of Freedom’s twins died. The cause of Yura’s death is not yet know. This site will be updated when there’s more information of the tragedy. My sympathy for all the keepers in the zoo who must be devastated after loosing the sweet cub. […]

Ouwehands Tierpark Rhenen – Freedom and her twins

May 28th, 2020 | By | Category: Zoos in Netherlands

28.5.2020 – Photos by Josien de Vries Wolodja came to our zoo from Berlin. Now he lives in the Zoo Rotterdam but before he moved he left a wonderful inheritage in Rhenen. The mating with Freedom resulted in two sweet polar bear cubbies. Wolodja – Photo by Nel Hoekstra The babies were born on the […]

Wolodja didn’t want to wet his paws

Mar 13th, 2020 | By | Category: Zoos in Netherlands

13.3.2020 – Photos by Nel Hoekstra As we know Wolodja is a playing kind of fellow and loves to get new enrichment. It looks like he has smelled something …. …. and now he even sees something. A bucket is floating towards him. Being patient is rewarding! Why wet the paws if you can catch […]

Greetings from Wolodja

Feb 8th, 2020 | By | Category: Zoos in Netherlands

8.2.2020 – Photos by Nel Hoekstra Hello! This is your Wolodja in the Diergaarde Blijdorp in Rotterdam. As you know I’ve become a father for the second time. I’m, of course, proud as a peacock! I also want to write HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, DEAR NEL! You always take such nice photos of me! Freedom […]

When Wolodja met Olinka

Sep 17th, 2019 | By | Category: Zoos in Netherlands

17.9.2019 – Photos by Nel Hoekstra
Wolodja and Olinka in the Blijdorp Dierenpark in Rotterdam have now met each other. The meeting was rather peaceful and friendly .

Wolodja and Olinka in Diergaarde Blijdorp in Rotterdam

Aug 12th, 2019 | By | Category: Zoos in Netherlands

12.8.2019 – Photos by Nel Hoekstra
Wolodja moved to Rotterdam in June this year and he has settled quite well in his home in the Diergaarde Blijdorp. Nel Hoekstra has visited Wolodja and Olinka.

Wolodja and Olinka in Blijdorp

Jun 23rd, 2019 | By | Category: Zoos in Netherlands

23.6.2019 – Photos by Nel Hoekstra
On the 14th of June Wolodja arrived in Blijdorp where he will live with an older female polar bear. Olinka could smell that something was going on and kept an eye on the neighbouring enclosure.

Wolodja will move to the Diergaarde Blijdorp today

Jun 14th, 2019 | By | Category: Zoos in Netherlands

14.6.2019 – Photos by Erik Today Wolodja will leave the Ouwehands Dierenpark Rhenen and move to the Diergaarde Blijdorp. There he will meet Olinka born in November 1992 in Köln. Olinka has become a mother several times. Her children: 2000: Lloyd, 2000: Nika, 2004: Lara, 2007: Arktos, 2007: Nanuq, 2010: Vicks, 2014: Todz and 2014 Sizzel […]