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Cute faces and big mouths

Feb 24th, 2020 | By | Category: Novosibirsk

24.2.2020 – Photos by Arkadij Laptenko
A new day in the Novosibirsk Zoo has began. Gerda, Shauna and Nordi are are doing their morning gymnastics before making plans for this day.

Valentine’s surprise for Gerda, Kai, Nordi and Shauna

Feb 16th, 2020 | By | Category: Novosibirsk

16.2.2020 – Photos by Arkadij Laptenko
When the polar bear family – Gerda, Shauna and Nordi – came out from their den there was a lovely surprise waiting for them. The keepers hadn’t forgotten it was the Valentine’s Day.

Snowy polar bear games

Feb 4th, 2020 | By | Category: Novosibirsk

4.1.2020 – Photos by Arkadij Laptenko
It’s a  snowy morning in Novosibirsk and the polar bear family is having a morning meeting. It looks like there were very lively discussions between mama Gerda and her twins.

Happy New Year wishes from Novosibirsk!

Jan 1st, 2020 | By | Category: Novosibirsk

1.1.2020 – Photos by Arkadi Laptenko
Oh bear, some mornings a young polar bear feels so tired! Waiting for Father Frost and the Snow Maiden is almost more than a bear can take!!! I’m sure you agree!

Shauna and Nordi are waiting for Father Frost

Dec 25th, 2019 | By | Category: Novosibirsk

25.12.2019 – Photos by Arkadi Laptenko
The polar bears’ enclosures in Novosibirsk are covered by snow now. In the morning Gerda took Shauna and Nordi for a walk in order to check that the snow hasn’t melted during the night.

Kai quality controlled his new toy

Dec 20th, 2019 | By | Category: Novosibirsk

20.12.2019 – Photos by Arkadi Laptenko, Video by Nina Kirpatkina One morning there was a wonderful surprise waiting for Kai! Maybe Father Frost had already given him a gift? 🙂 Hey! Can you see what a nice new toy I have? Of course, a very thorough quality control was needed! OK, the toy seems to […]

Happy birthday, Shauna and Nordi!

Dec 11th, 2019 | By | Category: Novosibirsk

11.12.2019 – Photos by Arkadi Laptenko and Anna Novikova (Kai)
Exactly one year ago Gerda gave birth to two sweet fur balls – a girl and a boy bear who got names Shauna and Nordi. The cubs have, of course, grown a lot during the year.

Polar bear temperatures in Novosibirsk!

Dec 2nd, 2019 | By | Category: Novosibirsk

2.12.2019 – Photos by Anna Novikova, Video by Nina Kiropatkina
The temperatures in Novosibirsk have been very pleasant for Gerda, Kai, Nordi and Shauna – about 18-20 minus degrees! No wonder the young bears look a bit astonished by the new kind of weather.

White morning took Gerda, Shauna and Nordi by surprise!

Nov 15th, 2019 | By | Category: Novosibirsk

15.11.2019 – Photos by Anna Novikova
The polar bear family in Novosibirsk have been waiting for the snow but when it came the trojka was taken by surprise. Everything looked so WHITE and even the air smelled different!

Cuteness overload in Novosibirsk

Nov 8th, 2019 | By | Category: Novosibirsk

9.11.2019 – Photos by Arkadij Laptenko
It has been snowing in Novosibirsk but the white stuff melted away quite rapidly. Now Gerda, Shauna and Nordi are waiting for more snow – which hopefully falls to stay! While the family is waiting they keep themselves busy with all kinds of games.