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    Meet Jebbie, a polar bear cub’s best friend

    21.10.2021 – Photos and story by Molly Merrow

    When little Jebbie was found wandering alone near homes in Tok, Alaska last June, his prospects did not seem very bright. At the same time, the Detroit Zoo was looking for a companion for Laerke, a polar bear cub who had been removed from her mother and twin sister when she was two days old and failing.

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Petra in Hellabrunn am 16. Oktober 2021

27.10.2021 von Petra Ballon Petra has visited Hellabrunn again and the zoo presented itself with fantastic Autumn colours. After this little ...

Zoo Mulhouse – Anori in her new home

25.10.2021 - Photos by Veronika and Hans Odermatt When Veronika and Hans visitid Mulhouse on the 20th of October they met ...

Novosibirsk – A sweet lion couple and cute foxes

23.10.2021 - Photos by Arkadij Laptenko The lion couple Najtirija (I hope I got the name right) and Sam have a ...

Petra in Karlsruhe am 10. Oktober 2021

18.10.2021 von Petra Ballon Es war ein wunderschöner Tag im Zoologischen Stadtgarten Karlsruhe bei schönem Wetter. / It was a wonderful ...

Sad news from Ranua – Nord has crossed the Rainbow Bridge

16.10.2021 - Source: The Ranua Wildlife Park We are extremely sorry to tell that we have lost Nord, the 16 year ...

Mulhouse – Anori Anori débarque aujourd’hui / Anori arrives today

13.10.2021 - Source: Zoo Mulhouse (en français / in English C'est le grand jour! Anori débarque aujourd'hui au Parc zoologique et botanique ...

September in the Dierenrijk Nuenen

10.10.2021 - Photos by Hans Muskens The Fall has made it's entry even in the Dierenrijk Nuenen but the animals seem ...

Nürnberg – Vera und Nanuq

8.10.2021 von/by Anita Dieses Mal ohne viel Worte! / This time without many words! Und weil es im Video noch viel schöner ...


Kai’s and Gerda’s thoughts in October

9.10.2021 – Photos by Anna Novikova and Arkadi Laptenko
Kai is wondering why he and Gerda are separated. Gerda seems to be accepting the situation better than Kai. Well, she was the one who clearly showed she wanted to be alone.

Ralph's reports

A rainy day near Doncaster

19.10.2021 by Ralph Morton
On Tuesday 14 September I was safely in Doncaster. After a breakfast of porridge and coffee I caught the bus to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park (YWP).

Anita's reports

Riesenschildkröten, Krokodil & Co in Hellabrunn

24.10.2021 von/by Anita (auf Deutsch / in  English)
Die Beiden hier haben es sich gemütlich gemacht. Die Zwei sitzen vor der “Glotze“. Denn endlich sind die Besucher wieder da. / These two have made themselves comfortable. The two of them are sitting in front of the “TV”. Because finally the visitors are back.


The Winter is here!

20.10.2021 – Source: Orsa Predator Center
Old Man Winter has made his entry in Orsa and he didn’t come empty handed! It snowed for the first time on last Friday but today (19th of October) the snow has decided to stay on the ground.

Gudrun's zoo reports

Kurzbesuch im Zoo Berlin im September

26.10.2021 von Gudrun
Ein kurzer Besuch nach der Ostsee Kreuzfahrt am 12.09.21 im Zoo Berlin. Die Pandas waren wie immer um kurz nach 9.00 Uhr drinnen, frage mich so langsam warum man so eine große Außenanlage gemacht hat.

What's up in Berlin 2020-2021

Zoo und Tierpark in August 2021

8.9.2021 – Photos by Monika aus Berlin, Source: Freunde Hauptstadtzoos
Gaukler im Tierpark Berlin: Sie kommen südlich der Sahara in Zentralafrika, und im südlichen Afrika vor. Gaukler werden bis zu 60 cm groß und können bis zu 40 Jahre alt werden.


Ranua and Orsa – Before the snow falls

15.10.2021 – Photos by Marko Junttila and Orsa Predator Center
Today I want to present you some lovely animals in Ranua and in Orsa waiting for the Winter season. Soon the first snow will fall ….

The Memory Lane

Knut and Giovanna in September 2009

5.10.2021 – Photos by Gudrun
This time I want to show you some memories from the time when Giovanna was the guest star in the Berlin Zoo. We have so many sweet memories and luckily nothing and nobody can take them away from us!

Ludmila's Column

Wilhelma, Stuttgart am 18.09.2021/II

Nach dem wir viele schöne Pflanzen angeschaut haben, kamen wir zu den Tieren. Erst waren es die Seelöwen.

News from the Bear World

Yorkshire – Sisu the polar bear gets root canal surgery

27.10.2021 – Source: Rachel Russell, Sky News
Animal dentists “operated swiftly” on polar bear Sisu at Yorkshire Wildlife Park to prevent the broken tooth becoming severely infected or developing into an abscess.