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Nostalgie – The Advent Adventure of the Golden Girls

28.11.2021 (In English / Auf Deutsch) - First published 29.11.2013 by Mervi, Original photos by Dumba and Monika aus Berlin, ...

Nuenen – The polar bear family’s Autumn greetings

26.11.2021 - Photos by Hans Muskens This day happens to be Nivi's and Elva's 3rd birthday so we can sing Happy ...

Milwaukee County Zoo – Meet charming camel baby Oliver

24.11.2021 - Photos by Michelle Rippey This time Michelle presents a charming young man in the Milwaukee County Zoo. The male Bactrian ...

Hannover – Nana had a second birthday party

23.11.2021 - Source: Erlebniszoo Hannover, Photos by F. Petrow Nana was born on the 20th of November 2019 in the Erlebniszoo ...

Rostock – Wunderschöne Nachrichten am Montagmorgen!

22.11.2021 - Quelle: Zoo Rostock Wir starten mit tollen Neuigkeiten in die neue Woche: Sizzel hat am 14. November zwei Jungtiere ...

Happy 5th birthday, Sisu!

21.11.2021 by Mervi, Photos by Marko Junttila and Sheila Baker Today we celebrate my Finnish viking Sisu who was born on ...

Herbst in Wilhelma

19.11.2021 - Photos by Petra Ballon Petra visited her home zoo Wilhelma in Stuttgart on the 6th of November 2021. She ...

Ein paar Impressionen von Tonja’s 12. Geburtstag

18.11.2021 von Monika aus Berlin Punkt 10.00 Uhr am 16. November betraten die beiden die Außenanlage, wo zuvor die Eistorte aus ...


Touch of frost in Novosibirsk

14.11.2021 – Videos by Sergej Iltyakov
It’s been snowing in Novosibirsk and the weather is now rather cold with several minus degrees. Polar bears love the frosty weather but maybe a nice soft place is needed anyway.

Ralph's reports

Ralph in Doncaster –  Final Para

13.11.2021 by Ralph Morton
My visit to YWP in October already seems far away and I have reported on the two main days spent at Project Polar sites One and Two already. But there is much more to YWP then just Polar Bears.

Anita's reports

Eine Runde Nürnberger Tierpark / A walk in the Nürnberger Zoo

22.11.2021 von/by Anita
Dieses Jahr habe ich ja Vera und Nanuq besucht. Ich habe natürlich nicht nur die Eisbären gesehen. / This year I visited Vera and Nanuq.Of course I did not only see the polar bears.

Kuusamo Predator Center

Brown bear cub Aina frolicking in the snow

Do you remember Aina – the little orphaned brown bear cub that was brought to Sulo Karjalainen? Now Aina has grown a lot. The other brownies are already hibernating and maybe Aina has retired, too, when I’m writing this.

Zoo Mulhouse

Anori, Sesi and Kara in November 2021

25.11.2021 – Photos by Hans Odermatt
On the 22nd of November Kara celebrated her first birthday. Although she has grown a lot she’s still mama’s little girl.

What's up in Berlin 2020-2021

The date of Tonja’s birthday is changed!

15.11.2021 – Photos by Monika aus Berlin
Monika has sent us fantastic photos of Tonja and Hertha in the Tierpark Berlin and because Tonja has birthday tomorrow we wish the beautiful lady a happy birthday in advance.

Diergaarde Blijdorp

Nivi has arrived in Rotterdam – Happy birthday, Wolodja!

27.11.2021 – Photos by Nel Hoekstra
Nivi arrived in the Diergaarden Blijdorp (Rotterdam) on the 23rd of November. Our friend Nel was there to welcome him to his new home.

The Memory Lane

Knut had a fishy meal

5.11.2021 – Photos by Gudrun
The photos of Knut enjoying a big fish were taken by Gudrun in September 2008. They made me remember a funny episode from one of Knut’s feedings.

Ludmila's Column

Wilhelma, Stuttgart am 18.09.2021/II

Nach dem wir viele schöne Pflanzen angeschaut haben, kamen wir zu den Tieren. Erst waren es die Seelöwen.

News from the Bear World

Polar bear birthdays in November

4.11.2021 – Many of our white fluffy friends have already celebrated their birthdays so I send them my belated happy birthday wishes. I simply can’t make cards for every bear so here’s a little collection of cards to some polar bears that frequently appear on the pages of this magazine.