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Nostalgie with the Golder Girls in Berlin – Diets are for sissies!!

21.5.2022 - An old story from 2013 by Tosca (D/E) (with a little help from Mervi), Photos by Monika aus ...

Petra in Hellabrunn 28.4.2022

19.5.2022 - Photos by Petra Ballon When Petra visited Hellabrunn on the 28th of April she met the cute manul admiring ...

Sunshine and rain in Dierenrijk Nuenen

18.5.2022 - Photos by Hans Muskens The warm sunshine and well needed rain showers have made the nature wake up from ...

Knut Nostalgie – Moonlighting / Schwarzarbeit

10.5.2022 - Story by Knuti (with a little help from Mervi), Original Knuti photos by Hatmuth and Viktor, Collages by ...

Wilhelma – Eine kleine Nachtmusik

6.5.2022 - Photos by Petra Ballon Petra has visited Wilhelma (in Stuttgart) and she brought many nice 'souvenirs' for us. There ...

Mulhouse – This time Kara was the chameleon

3.5.2022 - Photos by Veronika and Hans Odermatt When Veronika and Hans visited the Zoo Mulhouse on the 29th of March ...

Copenhagen – A panda date with some problems

29.4.2022 - Source: The Copenhagen Zoo When somersaults and bad timing get in the way of a good date. Timing, timing, timing ...

Nuenen – Frimas, Elva, Wilbär & Co having April feelings

22.4.2022 - Photos by Hans Muskens Hello there! Welcome to meet us in the Dierenrijk Nuenen! Our friend Hans has again ...

Polar bears in Rostock

A little battle of melons and climbing the funny mountain

16.5.2022 – Photos by Gisela H
There’s always lots of action in the Rostock Zoo when Skadi and Kaja are keeping their mama Sizzel busy. This day mountain climbing and juicy snacks were on the schedule.

Ralph's reports

Doncaster Diary – Wednesday 6th of April

20.5.2022 by Ralph Morton
All too soon on Wednesday 6 April it was my last day at the Yorkshire Wildlife Park (YWP). The weather had got better and the Ethiopian hyenas were enjoying the sun.

Anita's reports

Rostocker Familienleben / Rostock family life

23.5.2022 von/by Anita
Morgens um halb 10 in Rostock: Familie Eisbär wacht auf. / Half past nine in the morning in Rostock: the polar bear family wakes up.


Please, sign the petition to save Orsa Predator Center!

14.1.2022 by Mervi
Unfortunately I’m not a millionaire so I can’t help Orsa Predator Center with money. My only ‘weapon’ is words – that’s why I started a petition to save this wonderful park so the animals can stay there. Please, sign the petition as soon as possible.

Gudrun's zoo reports

Besuch Zoo Rostock 09.+10.04.2022

21.4.2022 von Gudrun
Samstag 09.04.22 hieß es früh aufstehen, da der Zug um 6.38 Uhr ab Berlinnach Rostock gefahren ist. Da steht man gerne früh auf, wenn wir 2 Tage den Zoo Rostock besuchen können.

What's up in Berlin 2020-

Zuckerßüsse Nachrichten aus Berlin

24.5.2022 – Quelle: Freunde Hauptstadtzoos, Fotos und Videos: Monika aus Berlin
Im Zoo Berlin gibt es Nachwuchs bei den Defassa-Wasserböcken, die gemeinsam mit den zwei Giraffen „Max“ und „Mugambi“ auf einer Anlage leben.


Raspi has a charming smile!

12.5.2022 – Photos by Imbi Taniel
Friida still spends most of her time for herself and doesn’t show so often to the visitors. Raspi is enjoying the warming sun rays patiently waiting for his lady friend to join him.

The Memory Lane

Nostalgie – Happy together

5.5.2022 by Mervi, Photos by Marion K
There have been many wonderful moments with our Dream Team but these two occasions always come to my mind when I think of Knuti and TD.

Ludmila's Column

Zoo Hannover am 9.04.2022

Wir haben den Zoo Hannover am 9.04.2022 besucht. Es war ein richtiges Aprilwetter, es gab zwar sonnige Abschnitte, wir sind trotzdem reichlich nass geworden.

News from the Bear World

Karlsruhe – When Charlotte met Lloyd

20.4.2022 – Photos by Petra Ballon
As you know Lloyd has left Bremerhaven and lives now in the Karlsruhe Zoologischer Stadtgarten (Zoo). The first days he had to spend alone examining his new home but now he and Charlotte have been introduced to each other.